Hottest Deals Of The Week

To me nothing beats a weekend of lounging about at home with a bottle of wine and good book. If you are a fan of a quite weekend in, this week’s hottest deals list feature some excellent offers that will help you put together the perfect weekend at home.


5) Mid-summer sales at Winemakers Choice - nothing over $9.99 in selected category

Chalice Bridge Sorcerer's Crossing Cabernet Merlot for $8.99  - Winemakers Choice
The perfect weekend begins with a good bottle of wine and there are some great wines going at cheap prices at Winemakers Choice mid-summer sale. Prices range from between $5.99 to $9.99 per bottle. Delivery for metro areas is $10 so you might as well get more than one bottle. In particular, you can get the Chalice Bridge Sorcerer's Crossing Cabernet Merlot for $8.99, which you won't find for less than $12 a bottle anywhere else.

This sale is also a good opportunity to stock up for Australia Day and you might want to consider buying in bulk.  



4) Hard Yakka Xtreme Shorts at Workwearhub for $39.95 + free shipping 

Hard Yakka Xtreme Shorts at Workwearhub for $39.95
These Hard Yakka Xtreme shorts are $39.95 with free shipping. Granted they are not quite “lazy weekend” shorts but they might be the motivation that you need to start on that New Year resolution to get in shape. These are great for trekking and camping with multiple pockets (17 in total!), cordura patches and heavyweight polycotton pocketing for enhanced durability.

So why not spend this weekend  planning a trekking or camping adventure that will help you get fit without having to hit the boring old gym.





3) 2 months free of Hulu Plus, Zinio Z-Pass & Spotify Premium at BestBuy Mobile

2 months free of Hulu Plus, Zinio Z-Pass & Spotify Premium at BestBuy Mobile
BestBuy Mobile is offering 2 months of free Hulu Plus, Zinio Z-Pass and Spotify Premium. With a seemingly unlimited range of movies, magazines and songs; this deal is absolutely perfect for the lazy weekender. These can be used on smartphones, tablets and the like. It also doesn’t matter which mobile service provider you are subscribed to. Check out the post for more details on the deal.




2) The Last of Us (PS3) shipped for $32.99 at Ozgameshop

The Last of Us (PS3) shipped for $32.99 at Ozgameshop
There always seems to be great gaming deals on Buckscoop and this week is no different- the second hottest deal of the week comes to you from Ozgameshop where they have got The Last Of Us on PS3 for $32.99 with free postage.




1) Pantheon by Sam Bourne for $1 delivered with Booktopia promo code

Copy of Sam Bourne's Pantheon is priced at just $1 at Booktopia
This week’s scorcher and the deal that beat all the others, is one for the booklovers. Booktopia have got a free shipping promotion going on and there are some great books on sale with prices as low as $1!

It’s ridiculously worthwhile to pick up a book- you can actually get Pantheon by Sam Bourne (the paperback edition) for just $1. There are also some other great titles on sale so do shop around a little and take full advantage of the free shipping promotion.

Keep in mind that you have to make your purchases by this weekend as the promotion expires on the 19th of Jan.


This week’s list is the perfect pairing for rest, relaxation and totally forgetting about the work week. So get your comfy pyjamas on, hop on the couch and let the weekend begin. Don’t forget the wine.

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