Hottest Deals Of The Week

If you are on a diet, this weekend is the time to cheat because there are two sinful deals on mouthwatering treats. I’m talking sticky sweet (and downright heavenly) Krispie Kreme doughnuts and the creamy chocolaty goodness of Cadbury Dairy Milk Chocolate. If you are not really much of a sweet tooth, don’t worry, there are three other deals that might interest you. Two out of the three are gaming deals so it’s a great time for indulgences all round.


5) Cadbury Dairy Milk Block(200g) is $2.49 at Coles

Coles is offering Cadbury Dairy Milk Blocks at $2.49 each. This is for a 200g block and it’s one of those items that ordinarily only goes on sale during the Christmas or Easter season, so this is a bit of a mid-year treat.


4) 16”X 16” Canvas prints are $28 at Harvey Norman PhotoCenter

This next deal was only put up on Friday and already it has earned itself a place on the hotlist.  The deal is for a 16”X 16” inch canvas print from the Harvey Norman PhotoCenter and it is going at a very affordable $28. It is a significant discount compared with what is being offered by some other sites. According to the post you can save the $9.95 delivery charges by simply opting to pick it up in-store.   


3) Great prices on XBOX360 downloads at 

Taking the third spot on the hot list are some downloads from You can get Child of Light for $13.60, Call of Juarez Gunslinger for just $3.73 and I am Alive also for $3.73. Prices tend to got up quickly especially on popular deals like this so you need to act fast to grab these.


2) Sniper Elite 3 (PC) - $26.99 posted at Ozgameshop 

Gamers, here is another deal for you - Ozgameshop has Sniper Elite 3 on PC priced at $26.99 with free shipping. This is for a steam key that will be sent to you via email once you have made payment.


1) $10 off when you spend $20 or more at Krispy Kreme (with discount code)

The hottest deal of the week is from Krispy Kreme! You can get $10 off their delicious doughnuts with every purchase of $20 and above. These are like golden tickets because Krispy Kreme discount codes don’t come around very often. You can pick up your “golden ticket” from the vouchers page.

The one downside is that delivery is $12 so the best option would be to opt for in-store pick up.


If you’ve been tempted by some of the tasty offerings on this week’s hotlist, give yourself a treat and indulge a little in some chocolate or doughnuts (or both). You can always work it off at the gym next week.

Coles also had an uber hot deal on Skype Gift Cards, these were going at 50% off, however they seem to be sold out online so you  might want to check in-store. These gift cards can be used to purchase subscriptions and Skype minutes. The deal is only valid until 8 July so do head out and try your luck soon!



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