Hottest Deals Of The Week

This week, the gaming deals are back on form and snapping up places on the hot list. There are three gaming deals that you should take note off, along with a great price on some wine and an outdoor jacket.


 5) Hard Yakka Flying jacket is $20 delivered at Hard Yakka Online Store

First up, Hard Yakka is offering a great price on this outdoor flying jacket; it is going at $20 delivered.  Available in three colour- black, olive and blue; these jackets are perfect for workwear and the outdoors.



4) Wii U Console + Syklanders Pack (inc. Nintendo Land & Mario Kart 8) is $269 at Target

The first of the three gaming deals on the hot list, is this offer from Target which gets you a Wii U Console plus a Skylanders Pack including Nintendo Land and Mario Kart 8, all for just $269. According to the post this offer from Target is $10 cheaper than the next best price at EB Games and it includes Nintendo Land which is not available in EB Games package. The promotion started yesterday (31st May) so get cracking.   



3) Get 6 bottles of 2012 Pepperjack Shiraz for $97.20 with free shipping at Dan Murphy’s

Buckscoop has featured a number of great deals on wine over the past couple of months and it’s fast becoming my go-to pit stop for wine specials and promotions. In third place this week is an excellent offer from Dan Murphy’s for a case of 2012 Pepperjack Shiraz. You can get 6 bottles at $97.20 with free shipping. It’s well over a hundred bucks at other stores so definitely a deal you need to snap up before stock runs out. The free shipping offer from Dan Murphy’s is a promotional offer and is limited to metro areas.

According to comments left on the post, the site is also offering a great price on a 700ml bottle of Chivas Regal so if whiskey is your thing, do check it out.



2) Watch Dogs (PS4/PS3/Xbox360/Xbox One) for $54 with Target promo code

In second place is a scorcher of a deal from Target once again, you can pre-order Watch Dogs on Xbox One, Xbox 360, PS4 or PS3 for $54. This is with a promotion that gets you $10 off your purchase when you sign up to Target eNews.



1) GTA Complete Package PC download for $7.25 at Nuuvem

The hottest deal of the week is a perennial favourite among gamers- GTA! You can get the complete Grand Theft Auto package for just $7.25. This is for a PC download and it includes the following titles:

* Grand Theft Auto III
* Grand Theft Auto Vice City
* Grand Theft Auto San Andreas
* Grand Theft Auto IV
* Grand Theft Auto IV Episodes From Liberty City

Do note that the site is a Brazilian site so you might need to use Google translate to get an English version of it, but what ‘s a little inconvenience for such a fab price.


There are some other fantastic deals that just missed out on this weeks hot list so be sure to browse through the site as well. Have a happy weekend!


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