Hottest Deal Picks Of The Week

This week is definitely gamer’s week here on Buckscoop because 4 out of the 5 hottest deals are all gaming deals. So gear up gamers, because you are in for a treat. Non-gamers, fret not there one uber hot deal just for you.

5) Nail’d PC download is $1.30 at Steam’s Deep Silver Weekend

We are starting the countdown at Steam’s Deep Silver Weekend Sale where Nail’d PC download is going at just $1.30. Deal poster kryptick says that the site also has a bunch of deals on other steam downloads including games from the Dead Island series for just $5. If you are a PC gamer, this is definitely a deal you will want to look into. There weren’t specific price comparisons on this one but at $1.30 it’s pretty hard to complain.


4) Wii Console with Mario Kart Bundle for $74 at Big W

You are going to have to leave your house for this next deal but with the Wii Console with Mario Kart Bundle going for $74, a trip down to the nearest Big W might be worth the effort. This is the best price available for the console and it’s a great deal especially with the Mario Kart bundle. The next best price for this item is a good $30 more, so Big W definitely have the best offer on this one. Their sale starts Monday so lookout for it in stores next week.   


3) Ghostbusters: The Video Game on XBOX360 is  $9.97  at

Ghostbusters: The Video Game - $9.97 - Xbox 360 - third place deal is one for the kids of the 80’s; Ghostbusters: The Video Game on XBOX360 is available at for $9.97. This is a download and can be accessed immediately. The price is apparently 50% less than what it is going for at other sites. The site has a really cool promotion going on called - Shocktober!! Check out the marketplace on for all the Shocktober deals. I don’t have to mention that the Shocktober promotion ends at the end of October do I…you got that one right?


2) Free delivery + $10 off when you spend $50 online at Woolworths

Woolworths $10 off plus free delivery promoOk non-gamers lookout, this one is for you. Deal poster Shazoo has discovered that Woolworths online store allows you to stack selected promotional codes. At the moment you can get free delivery and $10 off your purchase when you spend $50 or more online in one transaction. You can get the Woolworths voucher codes for this deal from the Buckscoop vouchers page.


1) Brothers: A Tale of Two Sons PC Download is $7.80 at Green Man Gaming

And the deal of the week is this offer from Green Man Gaming- Brothers: A Tale of Two Sons PC download is going at $7.80. The last time it was on sale it was $12 so now that it is down to just $7.80 it’s looking like an absolute steal.

Brother: A Tale of Two Sons on PC


It’s four out five for the gamers this week, with some excellent offers on PC downloads. Even if you are a hard-core PS3 fan you might want to consider trying out some of these games on PC since the prices are so low.

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