Hard Yakka - Nothing's Tougher To Understand Than Their Promotional Terms & Conditions

An excellent offer from Hard Yakka popped up on the radar earlier this week when a deal was posted about a "Buy-3-Get-1-Free" promo that they are currently running (where you get the fourth equal or lesser value item for free). This presented a rare opportunity for online shoppers to get a big volume-based discount on their durable clothing.

Unfortunately though, the deal began to unravel when trying to figure out Hard Yakka's confusing terms and conditions around it. There was uncertainty over which other retailers you could redeem this offer at, as well as further "muddying of the waters" around the mention of having to use a seemingly non-existent claims form.

Hard Yakka Buy 3 Get 1 Free promotion

Before we look at the specific terms creating uncertainty, I want to point out that this is actually a bargain worth grabbing but I advise you do so directly from Hard Yakka by the looks of it. This deal gives you an idea of which items you're best off spending your money on to get the most value.

Back to the confusing terms, if you head to Hard Yakka's website you'll see this offer headlined on the front page. Clicking on the promotional banner takes you to a page which indicates that the offer is available from Big W, Target, TWW and in-store at several other retailers Australia wide. However, out of the online stores it seems that only TWW is actually aware of this promo. Both Big W and Target do not appear to be applying the discount to your shopping cart when adding Hard Yakka products to it.

So let's take a look at some of the specifics which we found to be confusing when delving into Hard Yakka's T&C's for this promotion.   



With regards to which other stores were participating in this offer, here's what was stated in their terms:

 To be eligible to receive a free item of Hard Yakka Workwear (Product):
(a) purchase any three Hard Yakka Workwear products in one transaction at any participating retailer between 20/01/2014 and close of business 15/02/2014

The participating retailers are all stockists of Hard Yakka Workwear products who are registered for GST in Australia.

Also confusing was this:

To make a valid claim, customers who have purchased three Hard Yakka Workwear Products in one transaction at a participating retailer during the Purchase Period must:

(a) The fourth item (Product) will be provided at time of purchase at the time of the transaction.

Vikk, who posted the original deal on Buckscoop, states in her post that she's assumed this simply means that the offer is available at any registered company in Australia who stocks Hard Yakka - which I would agree with based on the above. But then why was she unable to avail the deal at stores like WorkwearHub, Ray's Outdoors, Big W, Target and a couple of others who all stock Hard Yakka items?


Another point in their terms which is bound to cause more confusion is this mention of a claims form:
Any submitted claim forms, original product barcodes and original store receipts will not be returned to the purchaser....

Is the implication then that customers would need to purchase three items and claim the fourth from Hard Yakka using some sort of claims form? If that's the case, then where should customers get this from, as we couldn't find it?



Vikk fired off an email to Hard Yakka's support team but after two days all she received back was a reply saying that they were looking into it. As of the time of writing this, there have been no further responses on the matter but I'll post an update here as soon as we receive more information. It begs the question though as to whether or not they're simply stalling as the offer expires on the 15th February 2014?

Overall it's a bit of a shame as had none of the confusion arisen due to the unclear terms, this would have been a hot bargain and probably still appeared on Buckscoop's Bargain Blog but in a completely different light.

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