Half Price Jewellery @ Diva

Still thinking of Mothers Day here, I've been browsing Diva, an online Jewellery shop. There's some lovely blingy bits here, both for adults and teens or preteens.

Of course you can look at the full price stuff too, but in the 1/2 price sale, you'll find earrings, rings, necklaces, wristwear,watches,hair,and brooches.

There are Gold Letter Cream Pendant Necklaces for $4 - so clearly not 'real' but nice enough anyway - and super value sets like the Mega Mix Studs Set which has 12 studs for $6.50. If mix and match isn't your thing you can buy two sets, for $13 and still have 12 sets of earings for $13.50. Great value.

There are also sunglasses reduced to $3 and $4.

If you like your costume jewellery, there's plenty to be found in this sale.

What do you think?

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