Great Value SIM-Only Plans from Yatango Mobile and Vodafone

There were two mobile plan promotions that popped up this week offering significant value which I felt made them worth sharing and elaborating on. Both of the deals below are SIM-only plans applicable to those who already have a mobile handset to bring to the party. So, if you're feeling cheated by the high cost of your current monthly phone bills, take a look at these offers as potentially cheaper alternatives.

Yatango Mobile Free One Month Trial

First up is a great looking offer from Yatango, who in general are ideal for anyone not looking to get tied into any long term contracts with commitments. They're currently running a "Free first month's trial" promotion where you basically sign up after which you'll be sent a SIM (usually costs around $10 but that's free too). The SIM contains credit granting you 1,000 minutes of calls, 1000 SMSs and 3GB of data. These are generous limits by any measure, especially when considering that you're getting them all for nothing.

So what happens at the end of the trial? After the 30 day period, the above credit will expire and your Yatango SIM will switch over to their pay-as-you-go rates. It becomes your responsibility to then configure your pack moving forward to suit your individual needs. However, on their website they mention that a Yatango rep will apparently get in contact with you before the trial ends to help you out with this.

Otherwise if you decide not to continue after the trial, just remove the SIM from your phone and that's it - free trial over. Take note, however, that they do ask for your credit card details upfront when registering for the trial, something which many I suspect will not necessarily want to do. Ultimately though, I think this promotion offers plenty of value for those in need of some credit and wish to try out a provider without getting caught up in lengthly, binding contracts. Also, for any of you out there with overseas guests visiting, this could be a great solution for keeping in contact during their stay at zero cost.   


Vodafone Offer - Save $5 on the $35/Month SIM Only Plan

This plan can ultimately end up saving you $120 over the contract lifespan. Vodafone are offering a $5 discount on their $35 SIM only plan if you join before the 8th January 2014, where you'll only need to pay $30 per month. This discounted price will last the entire 24 month contract period - so much better than the usual "Get $X off your fist month" signup promo's from most other mobile operators.

Since you'll be using your current mobile handset and Vodafone doesn't have to provide you with a new phone as part of the contract, what you essentially end up getting is the same value in terms of usage as the Vodafone $50 Plan which includes:


  • Infinite standard calls to friends and family on Vodafone within Australia
  • $500 of included value
  • 1GB of data


Just to end off with, although not a SIM-only offer, I thought it would be worth also mentioning that Amaysim currently have a "50% off on your first month" promo for their Unlimited monthly plans. This normally costs $39.90 per month, which means you'll only need to pay $19.95 during your first 30 days if you signup with them before the 3rd of November. This level of discount from Amaysim is rare when compared with their "30% off your first month" offers which we see cropping up more regularly. On their Unlimited plan you'll get, which comes as no surprise based on the name, unlimited standard calls and texts (including 13 & 18 numbers) as well as a generous 4GB of data per month.


A couple of competitive offers to get you thinking about what value your current mobile contract is providing you with in comparison.

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