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Samsung Galazy S4 - Life CompanionSince the launch of the much anticipated Samsung Galaxy S4 last month, we've watched with great interest as retailers began slashing their prices for this smartphone over the past  week or so. It looks as though the combination of the Galaxy's loyal following along with all the hype surrounding the S4's release has retailers falling over themselves to offer the best deal.

The RRP on Samsung's Galaxy S4 i9500 is $899 if you buy one from the Samsung Store. However, on Buckscoop we've seen a sequence of deals being posted for the S4, each with improvements made to the price on an almost daily basis.

SAMSUNG GALAXY S4 i9500 The first deal posted last Thursday (2nd of May) showed that Duty Free Central had the best discount on offer for $719.97, including shipping to Australia. This even topped the generally ultra-competitive pricing of Kogan by $38. At the same time on the other side of the spectrum, you had household store names like Harvey Norman and Dick Smith who were selling the Samsung Galaxy S4 for between $820 and $850 respectively.

By Monday the 6th, Unique Mobiles had stepped up to take the lead in the price slashing by running two "$60 off" promo codes on the Galaxy S4 i9500 model and the slightly more expensive Galaxy S4 i9505 4G model. This dropped the prices down to $697 (i9500) and $717 (i9505) which included shipping. To sweeten the deal further, they also ran a 50% discount on their 12 and 24 month premium warranties. But just two days later and Digital World International (DWI) showed their intent to join in on the action by offering the Galaxy S4 i9500 for just $656.50, with express delivery to metropolitan areas included.

Today though, Thursday the 9th of May, both Unique Mobiles and DWI currently hold the no.1 spot for the best deal available on the i9500 model. Unique Mobiles issued new coupon codes for the i9500 and i9505 dropping the i9500's price down to the same level as Unique's at $649 (including standard shipping to metropolitan areas). However, it's DWI who currently has the lowest price for the i9505 model at just $665. Even with Unique Mobiles´ coupon code applied their price only comes down to $679.

At the time of writing, Duty Free Central has since lowered their prices further but not quite enough to beat DWI's or Unique Mobiles' on the i9500 model. However their i9505 model comes out just slightly cheaper than Unique's at $674 (shipped). Also, just to briefly explain the difference between the two models, the i9500 has an octa-core Exynos chipset and no LTE support. The i9505 on the other hand has a quad-core Snapdragon chipset with LTE support.

The table below is a summary of the best deals we've seen over the past week. It'll be interesting to see where this price war takes us over the next 2-4 months.

Samsung Galaxy S4 i9500 Price Comparison





* Note that at the time of writing all deals were still active.

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