Get a 5GB Data Limit with Amaysim’s 1GB Bonus Offer on Unlimited Plans

Amaysim has an excellent offer where you can get an extra 1GB of data for free when you sign up with their Unlimited plan before the end of the 2013. I looked into the details of the plan and compared it with offers from other service providers to see if this was the best deal on the market.



Unlimited Calls, Texts & More

Amaysim’s Unlimited plan basically entitles you to unlimited standard calls and text messages Australia-wide, for a monthly subscription rate of $39.90. The plan usually comes with 4GB of data but with this latest offer, they have pumped it up to 5GB, giving you an extra 1GB free if you sign up or renew your existing Unlimited plan before 31st December 2013. This extra 1GB is valid for 3 months so you'll need to renew your subscription in January and February of next year as well if you want to take full advantage of this offer.

Just to give you an idea of data usage - 1GB of data allows you to watch approximately 20 minutes worth of HD videos on YouTube, listen to up to four hours of streaming music online and to upload about 20 photos on Facebook.  

Ahead Of The Curve?

According to their website, Amaysim’s Unlimited plan has won Money magazine’s ‘Best of the Best’ awards in both 2012 and 2013. I did a comparison and it does seem to live up to the hype. I checked out similar unlimited plans offered by other service providers and Amaysim has the lowest monthly subscription rate with the largest data plan, even without the extra 1GB of free data. All the unlimited plans I priced were SIM only plans that came with unlimited standard calls and SMSs, plus a fixed data limit.

Vodafone's "$50 SIM Only Red Plan" gets you unlimited calls and texts plus 3GB of data. LiveConnected is offering an unlimited plan called the "Rapid X-Large BYO 4G Plan" for $55 a month with a 3GB data packet.

Vaya Mobile has two unlimited plans, the first is the Power Plan 52 which is $52 per month for a plan with 3GB of data. They have also have a Skinny Plan 40 targeted at light data users – you pay $40 a month for a unlimited plan with 100MB of data which would be enough for checking emails and stuff like that. You also have the option of adding 3GB of extra data for $21; that works out to a monthly rate of $61 for an unlimited plan with 3.1GB of data. I’m guessing that this add-on deal is targeted at those who are already on the Vaya Mobile Skinny Plan 40 and are looking to up their data limit. Overall, not the best of offers from Vaya, especially when you consider that Amaysim is offering 5GB of data for under $40.

Your Savings With Amaysim

Normally, Amaysim run promotions based around giving customers a discount of between 30% (common) to 50% (infrequent) off their first monthly bill when they join. Even when that discount is at the 50% off level though, the savings you can make equate to $19.95 (or half of the monthly $39.90 fee). This 1GB bonus offer is far more interesting, however, as the amount you end up saving if you choose to make use of the extra data over the three month period works out to be higher.

This is because under normal circumstances, outside of this promotional offer, to receive an extra 1GB of data on the Amaysim Unlimited plan, you'd need to purchase a data pack which would cost $9.90. That means that over a 3 month period you're effectively saving $29.70. It's also worth mentioning that should you exceed you monthly data limit, you will be charged a rate of $0.05 per megabyte which equates to a wallet-stinging $51.20 per 1GB.

Hidden Perks

The other tip I picked up while comparing plans was that Amaysim’s Unlimited plan offers unlimited MMS (within Australia) while all the other three providers charge 55 cents per MMS. The only area Amaysim loses out is on international texts as Vodafone’s unlimited plan includes unlimited standard texts to international numbers while the others all charge for international texts. Nevertheless among the three that charge for standard international texts, Amaysim has the lowest price at just 25 cents per text as compared to 35 cents offered by Vaya and 45 cents at LiveConnected.

Overall Amaysim’s Unlimited plan is definitely the best on the market at the moment. If you are planning on switching over, do so before 31st December to enjoy the free extra 1GB of data for up to three months.


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