Game Deals Hunting 101 - Part Two Of Two

So previously in part one of Game Deals Hunting 101, I discussed how to actively seek out cheap game deals. Today in part two I will talk about ways to confirm the best price for a specific game.

Let's say you saw a deal posted for Hitman Absolution on Xbox 360, or you simply want to buy a copy, and need to know what the best price is currently.

Step 1. Google and Lasoo

Google seems an obvious place to start, but the main point here is to try and source the cheapest price for a local copy. Lasoo will help with this too.

A local copy means you can likely get it today, have a much higher change of being able to trade it back in (mainly for consoles), the manual is in English, and if you have any problems, you can walk in to a store and speak to someone about it.

So, go to Google and Enter "buy Hitman Absolution xbox".

This will give you some sponsored links at the top which may be of use, and then the main results will likely have links to a lot of overseas stores and ebay (which is worth a quick scan). So normally I will refine the search to give results from Australia (Search tool -> The web -> Pages from Australia, or use the Advanced Search option).

This will give you links to, as well as places like Harvey Norman, BigW, Mighty Ape, EB Games, JB Hifi, Dick Smith, and also other "aggregators" like Shopbot, which can sometimes surprise you with some decent game bargains.

Check these links for a potential deal and note down the best price on a local copy of the game.

Next, go to Lasoo ( and type "Hitman Absolution" in the search box.

You can sort the results by price, but double check if any shipping costs are involved, and that it is in fact a local copy (look for the rating sticker, or call them to confirm).


Step 2. Buckscoop and Ozbargain

Next I would check out Buckscoop for info on the latest gaming deals and coupons:

Excellent discounts can be had when combining games on sales with discount coupons, so make sure to double check for this.

You can also enter "hitman" in the search box to check for specific info too.

Now head to Ozbargain:

...and enter "hitman sort:created" in the search box in the top right of the page.

This will give you every post (deals, forum posts etc) with hitman in it in reverse chronological order.

Quite often on the top right there is Related Products with the actual game Hitman: Absolution listed, which should list deals that specifically contain Hitman Absolution.

Check these Buckscoop and Ozbargain links for a potential deal, and in particular check the comments from other users within these posts for links to better deals or discount codes etc.


Step 3. Specific sites and price comparison sites

There are a handful of other sites I would check as well...I am sure there are others that I haven't listed that you may know of:

* / (don't forget they remove the VAT at checkout, so their displayed price will be higher than the final price in almost every case)

* WOWHD (AU and UK sites) - and

* Zavvi / The Hut - and

* Ozgameshop / 365games - and

* Videoezy -

* Amazon - and

* GreenMan Gaming -

* Steam -

* Game Cafe -

* Good Game Prices -

* Ozgamegoat -

* Compare Games -

* CheapShark -


Happy hunting :)

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