Game Deals Hunting 101 - Part One Of Two

So, you are keen to buy a new game, or heard about a game bargain, but you need to know what is the best current price out there?

Well help is here!

I've put together some basics on the elusive art of game bargain hunting that have helped me score some insanely cheap game deals over the years. Take from this whatever is useful and works for you...some of this info may be old news to you, but hopefully there is something in here that will help in your search for a great deal.


First and foremost, if possible, get yourself a 28 degrees MasterCard for those overseas transactions:

No annual fee, no currency conversion fees, no international transaction fees, and one of the best if not the best conversion rates going around.


Now on to the games!


The approach depends on what you are actually after...

1. You are actively seeking "generic" gaming bargains.
2. You are looking for the cheapest price on a specific game.
3. You've heard about a cheap price for a game that you might be interested in, and want to know if it's a good price.

Points 2 and 3 are closely related where you basically need to find or confirm the cheapest price on a particular game - I will go into that in detail in part two, but will concentrate on point 1 in this post.

Now, if you are actively seeking gaming bargains, then besides going to sites that simply list deals, you can get in before the masses, and score yourself a bargain. It's all in the timing.  ;)

The information below outlines the places, days, and times (in AEST) that you can look to grab a deal:

* Mighty Ape - Daily Deal 10am every day:

* Ozgameshop - Daily price drops at around 11pm, and weekly special offers at around 11pm every Wednesday:

* Zavvi - Price Drop every Friday at around 7pm, and Mega Monday every Sunday at around 7pm:

* Play Asia - Weekly Deal 2pm every Tuesday:

* Major Nelson - Xbox LIVE Marketplace fortnightly deals around 11pm every 2nd Tuesday:

* Humble Weekly Bundle - Weekly deal every Friday 4am:

Other sites worthy of a mention that list game deals or compare prices:
* Ozbargain Game Deals -
* Buckscoop Game Deals -
* Economical Gamer Game Deals -
* Reddit Game Deals -

* Whirlpool Gaming hardware & software pricewatch thread, the Steam Price and General Discussion thread, and the Green Man Gaming thread:


Hopefully the above information should help you in the quest for great gaming deals.

In part two of this piece, I will show you ways to hunt down the best price for a specific game.


To be continued...

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