Free Courses At Udemy

Udemy has a range of courses available that are currently free. There's no indication of when the courses will become charged for again, so I'd say sign up and get going, as once you've started you're normally given about a year or so to finish, depending on the course.

Udemy's website couldn't be less helpful if they tried. If they have all these free courses you'd think they'd make it easily accessible, but alas. You have to search and search to find the free ones.

Here's a selection I'd be interested in, just to get you started:

There are loads more and you essentially have to browse through each category to find the free ones. It's clever because every now and then you see something that you get excited about, then see it's not one of the free ones, and I guess the hope is that you find yourself wanting it enough to buy one. They're not generally overly expensive anyway, but if you've never done online learning, it's worth trying a free one first to see if it matches your learning style.

Either way, it's not a bad way to touch up, brush up, and gain new skills.

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