Free $20 eBook Voucher With Purchase Of Kobo eReader @ Angus and Robertson

If the mum in your life (or anyone else for that matter, but lets focus on mum right now!) enjoys reading, or used to enjoy reading before having kids meant she never has time anymore, you may want to consider an eBook reader as just the thing for her this mothers day.

I used to be an avid reader until my first child learnt to crawl. For the next two years, almost, I'd buy books, or borrow them with every intention of reading them, but never actually get to it. Then I was given an eBook reader, and it transformed my (reading) life. Suddenly I could read one handed while nursing the baby, or using the backlight while putting one of the other child to bed, or in a host of other circumstances, oddly largely pertaining to only need one hand to hold the book!

It's been wonderful being able to read again!

Angus and Robertson sell the Kobo range of eReaders, including what is apparently the world's smallest full-featured eBook reader, starting at $99. The range, which consists of 4 options culminating in the Kobo Arc, which is a tablet too, climbs the price ladder up to $299.

Looking at other sites, these are pretty standard across different stores, so there's no saving there, but Angus and Robertson are offering a $20 eBook Voucher with the purchase of any of the top three, priced at $129, $159 and the aforementioned $299.

Every Kobo Touch, Kobo Glo or Kobo Arc purchased between 17 April and 12 May 2013 receives a $20 voucher valid towards any ebook purchase on This voucher will be sent to the purchaser’s email address within 5 working days of purchase, and is valid for 60 days. Check out the terms and conditions as there are a few, like you have to use the whole voucher in one go, but it all looks pretty regular.

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