Finding The Cheapest Pre-Order Prices On Award-winning PS4 Games

The best games across 17 categories were announced at the recent E3 2014 Game Critics Awards, where Playstation Australia’s managing director, Michael Ephraim also announced Sony’s future plans regarding gaming developments. He commented on his confidence around PlayStation's future, which after hearing the announcements made by Sony, you'd understand why.

Many of you in the gaming community may know all this already though if you've been following the E3 conference. So what we thought we'd do, is take the next most logical step for gamers to find out where the best available deals online are for these latest award-winning titles.


Turtle Rock’s shooting game, Evolve took home the most awards after being ranked top in four different categories: Best of Show, Best Console Game, Best Online Multiplayer and Best Action Game. Evolve is scheduled for release this October, but most retailers are already taking pre-orders online. The best price available on Evolve for PS4 right now is at Dungeon Crawl, who is offering the English import edition (region free) for $69.90 with free delivery.

For a few bucks more you can place your order at Ozgameshop and possibly get the Australian version of the game delivered a few days beforehand for a total of $72.99. Meanwhile Harvey Norman, EB Games, JB HiFi and Dick Smith are all charging over $98 for Evolve before added delivery charges.  


Destiny PS4 - no on preorder

Another multi-award winning title is No Man’s Sky by an independent development company, Hello Games. This innovative exploration game has no set release date as of yet and is not available for pre-order either unfortunately. However, you can get Destiny, which seems to be the biggest selling new franchise of all time with an extra 60 minutes of gameplay on PS4. Again, Dungeon Crawl is offering the best price at $79.90, while Ozgameshop is not far behind with their $82.99 pre-order price on this title -  due for release on the 9th of September.

Prices on Destiny range between $88 and $100 at other retailers (who typically have various games available for pre-order) such as JB Hifi, Harvey Norman, EB Games and Dick Smith.


Far Cry 4 on PS4 - no on preorder

An interesting feature of the new sequel to Far Cry, the fourth in the series of this immensely popular first-person shooter game, is that you’ll be able to play it online with friends who do not own the game. Unfortunately you’ll have to wait until the 18th of November though to receive the Limited Edition, which is currently priced at $76.99 from Ozgameshop. Having this game delivered from the usual suspects, Dick Smith, Harvey Norman. JB HiFi and EB Games, will cost you over $95.

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