Exclusive 10% off Coupon on Deals Direct's Outdoor Category Only from Buckscoop

On the constant search for great deals and coupons to help add value to your online shopping experience, I believe today I can present you with something you wont find anywhere else. As the weather begins to warm up and the sun begins to heat the land, there is a growing urge to get out by the BBQ and start cooking those long summer meals outdoors.

Buckscoop has managed to secure an exclusive offer from Deals Direct that you find anywhere else right now. We've got a 10% off coupon for readers which is applicable to the Outdoor category of products (on orders of $50 or more). It may not seem like much at face value, but our deal hunters have been on the case and uncovered a couple of "golden nuggets" by combining this coupon with sale offers and Deal Direct's current $2 shipping cap promo.


Rattan Outdoor Furniture Exclusive 10% Discount BuckscoopThe first deal we've uncovered is all thanks to our deal hunter Vikk here at Buckscoop. So let me bring these findings to your attention, and ultimately save you money. The deal in question is on this rattan outdoor furniture set which was on sale for $649 on Monday. For starters, it fell under the $2 shipping cap saving shoppers form an otherwise hefty shipping fee of $85.95 to metro areas. Once the 10% off coupon was applied, the price dropped further to just $589.05. This made it about $200 cheaper than any other store currently. Bargain, right?

However, yesterday we noticed that the $2 cap had been removed although they had surprisingly sweetened the deal by reducing the base price to just $449. So even with the expensive shipping charges now added back on, once you apply the 10% off coupon, you're actually able to get this rattan furniture set for even less at only $490.05 in total. Now that's a great bargain.

The calculation looks like this: $449 (furniture price) - 10% ($44.90) + $85.95 (shipping) = $490.05.

Air Bed from Deals Direct with Buckscoop 10% DiscountBut what if you have your outdoor furniture already sorted, well Deals Direct have an Airbed on offer which has been brought to our attention by Captainjack. Incorporate the Buckscoop 10% discount on the Bestway Queen size premium airbed with the $2 shipping cap and your total cost will be $55.10 with standard delivery. I have highlighted this deal because it works out as only $4 more for the queen size bed as opposed to the single bed. Plus, you will find that this exact same air bed is listed for $90.90 at OO.com.au and $85.90 at Grays Online.

Hardwood Outdoor Storage BenchOur final deal, found yet again by Vikk, helps you get your hands on a hardwood outdoor storage bench at a very reasonable price. This product is effectively a bench with a storage compartment under the seat. Ideal for the in-laws (hehe), as it increases your outdoor seating space outside but doesn't make it too comfortable for them to stick around long. The hardwood storage bench is priced at $179. Compare this with other stores like Wayfair and Ikea and you are looking at $220 plus, before you even consider shipping.

So using our coupon code in conjunction with this purchase, you will effectively be able to eradicate the shipping costs and get the bench for cheaper than its actual listed price.

The complete sum is: $179 (bench) - 10% ($17.90 discount) + $16.95 (shipping) = 178.05.

 Screen Shot for Shipping Cost Buckscoop 10% Discount

So before you disappear to get your garden furniture in a flurry, remember that the 10% code is only valid until the 2nd November (next Sunday) from Buckscoop. Be sure to keep an eye on any changes in the sale prices of goods as well as the $2 shipping cap offer, as these can change daily if the first deal mentioned in this post is anything to go by. Otherwise, I wish you happy shopping, and please let us know if you manage to discover any other great bargains!

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