Everything You Need To Know About How To Bag A Bargain On Jeans

It's common to see deals on pairs of jeans which get posted on Buckscoop generally getting a lot of interest. If ever you're looking to get yourself a new pair then there's no need, however, to have to sit around twiddling your thumbs while waiting for next bargain-savvy Buckscooper to post a hot deal for you.

Whether you're looking for something dirt cheap or getting good value on a designer brand pair, this post will give you all the necessary advice and insight into being able to sniff out a jeans bargain online all on your own. You just need to know where to look and what constitutes a good deal compared to the various offers available at any given point in time.


Where to shop if you're on a tighter budget:

As you can see from this link that Buckscoop regularly sees deals on jeans being posted in the $30 price bracket. When looking at this list though, make sure you read the titles as the jeans are often combined with other clothing items to meet minimum shipping thresholds etc. Just so you don't get confused by the headlined prices.

A these price levels we're not talking about internationally renowned brands, but they do come from reputable retailers like ASOS, Boohoo, Hallensteins and Marks & Spencer who offer good quality clothing at affordable prices. Below are some of the merchants I'd recommend you starting your deal hunt with.

Hallensteins, who only do men's clothing, are always a good starting point for either jeans or chinos as they are regularly featured on the websites Offers page. These offers are usually in the form of something like "Buy 2 pairs for $X". Although right now there's an offer running (see link above) where they've got a pair of chinos or jeans on special for $29.99.  Non-sale or special promotion jeans are generally in the $60+ price range. Something I really like about Hallensteins, who are unlike many retailers in this respect, is that they don't only put items on sale once they're down to the last one or two left in stock in either sizes SS or XXXL. This makes is much easier to find both a good deal as well as a size that fits (one of the biggest reasons I chose to mention them first).

Note, on their current jeans promo of $29.99 a pair, you'll need to add $10 for shipping as it's under the $50 free shipping threshold. So you actually get better value for money when purchasing two pairs in this instance.


ASOS on the other hand has free shipping on all orders with competitive prices to boot. As a result, more and more online shoppers are turning to ASOS as their first port of call when on the hunt for a fashion deal. The reason I didn't put them first though is that you're best off at least having some idea of what you're looking for (i.e. style, cut, colour) since they tend to stock a very wide range of jeans. Both men's and women's pairs can be priced anywhere from $35 up to $600. Well known brands like True Religion, G-Star, and Levis can usually be bought for between $126 - $165. The best time to head to ASOS is when they've got an active promo code available giving you further discounts. This guide to ASOS codes will help you learn how to go about bagging a bargain using them.


Your next stop should probably be to boohoo.com who like ASOS also offer free standard delivery on all orders to Australia. Prices on jeans start at $30 although the top end is only about $60 giving you a much narrower price band than ASOS. This is primarily down to the fact that they only stock their own/lesser known brands of jeans. Still, there tends to be a wide enough selection on offer to find something suitable - see men's (55 styles) and women's jeans (103 styles) here at Boohoo.

Jeans West is another good place to look. They only sell their own brand with the average price on a pair of mean's jeans being around $70 although on sale that drops to about $30. In the women's section, the price range is in the region of $70 to $90 although you can usually find promo's on where they'll sell you multiple pairs at a discount. At the moment you can get two for $70 which would otherwise have cost you $109 each. As alluded to in the section on Hallensteins above, Just Jeans, however, tend to be one of those merchants that only put items on sale once stock is running exceedingly low. This means that in order to find a good deal you'll need make a purchase as soon after an item goes on sale as possible if you want any hope of getting something in your size.

EziBuy is the last one I'll mention here, although they are starting to push the boundaries on what I'd consider to be classed as "cheap jeans". Their selection of denims shows the average price to be about $50 except perhaps for a few cuts which you can get on clearance for $30 (the reason why I've still included EziBuy under this section). With regards to shipping, there's no free delivery threshold based on how much you buy so your only bet is to wait until a relevant promo code becomes active to get a discount (latest EziBuy codes available here).


Where to find a good deal on a recognised brand of jeans?

G-Star Raw jeans for men at SurfStitchSurfStitch is always a good source for jeans from recognised brands. When on sale you can buy a women's pair for anywhere between $35 to $70 via their website. Brands like Lee tend to sell for around the $100 mark while G-Star will normally set you back about $150 although you can often find the coloured styles for going for less.

In the men's category prices are similar, for example a pair of G-Star jeans on sale will cost roughly $80 while regular prices are likely to be in the range of $180 to $200. Other available brands include Levi's, Lee, Wrangler, Billabong, Quiksilver and many more. One thing to be aware of when chasing a deal on jeans at SurfStitch is to know which coupon codes to use. The codes which apply to non-sale items most often carry restrictions on purchasing popular brands like G-Star and Billabong. However, when the coupon terms state that they apply to sale items specifically, any items from these popular brands which are already on sale should generally be valid for discounts when using a code. You can view all the latest SurfStitch promo codes here.

Levis 527 Slim Boot Cut jeans at Amazon UKThe Iconic is fairly similar to SurfStitch although they tend to stock some additional higher priced brand/fashion labels as well. Across the same brands though, prices between these two retailers don't differ much. The most obvious difference is that SurfStitch offers free shipping on orders over $25 whereas The Iconic has this limit set at $50. The good thing though is that The Iconic is a regular issuer of coupon codes giving customers decent discounts on a weekly basis. This previous blog post on Buckscoop will give you a comprehensive guide to using their coupons, so have a read if you want to know which codes to lookout for to get the biggest possible discount. It's possible to find pairs of G-Star jeans on sale for under $100 while Levi's can often be found for even less.

Amazon UK can be another great place to find a bargain on branded jeans. In the past I've found that they often run "Save up to X% off" promotions on their selections of jeans, which - as you'd expect from Amazon - is extensive. For example, right now  Levi's 527 Slim Boot Cut jeans in a size W32/L32 are priced at £47.20 (or AUD$84) including delivery to Australia. Not a bad when you compare that to ASOS's price tag of $109.55 for these jeans. Amazon's prices aren't always this competitive against other retailers, but the reason I like shopping with them for jeans is the sheer volume of choice you get, and that's not just in relation to the selection of different brands either. The number of style variations within each brand as well as the the high levels of stocks available in each size is what makes them stand out for me.


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