Emirates business class flights 'sale' !! Booking outside the sale dates looks to be cheaper

Am posting this because I've just spent the last two hours playing on the Emirates site testing the price of business class bookings around their 'business class sale'. From previous experience sale time is the best time to buy a business class ticket - why pay full and often ridiculous prices.

So the details. All sounds nice and rosy. The marketing email is titled "Travel In Style for Less". The promo blurb say make a booking by 29th of Jan for travel between 1st of April and 30th November and you may (in light of the usual limited seats restrictions etc) get the  routes below, return, business class at the price shown.

Aus to:

New Zealand $1,401
Kuala Lumpur $3544
Singapore - $3674
Bangkok - $3692
Bombay - $5994.

It just refers to 'Australian Cities' and doesnt specify which ones so being a sucker for some marketing I started playing with some fairly random dates and cities. I tested Melbourne, Sydney, Perth on Bangkok, Bombay, KL and Singapore. What was getting thrown back at me made little sense. The prices were all over the place with quite a few of the prices more expensive during the promo period (if not the same).

Being a sucker for a challenge that led me to getting rid of the random aspect. What popped up was no clearer and as follows.

Kuala Lumpur      12/03-29/03             03/06-02/07
MEL - KUL                 $3539                            $3539
BNE - KUL                  $18968                         $25478
DRW - KUL                $6001                           $6011
CBR - KUL -               $4427                           $4427
PER - KUL - Route not available
ADL - KUL - Route not availableSYD - KUL - Route not available

Bangkok                   14/03-31/03              06/05-17/05
MEL - BKK                 $25459                          $25459
SYD - BKK -               $3607                            $3687
ADL - BKK -              $25466                          $24466
DRW - BKK               $5420                            $5404
BNE - BKK - Route not available
PER - BKK - Route not available

So after having become more systematic about the testing it would seem that for Brisbane to Kuala Lumpur your $6510 better off outside the sale, Darwin to Kuala Lumpur $10 and the rest - the exact same. While for Sydney to Bangkok its $80 cheaper, Adelaide to Bangkok $100 cheaper, Melbourne to Bangkok its the same and the only one cheaper is Darwin by $16. The testing was done, where possible with the results returned so you could see a 7x7 day matrix. My conclusion....I'm sure Emirates have at least one flight priced at the advertised price somewhere in the correct date range leaving from at least one Australian location for each destination, but its obviously buried so far down in the huge possible combinations as to be a little like lotto. And, it still doesnt explain why I'm able to find tickets cheaper than their sale price prior to the dates of the promotion, cheaper than the 'headline' sale price. Pretty poor effort on Emirates part.

Emirates business class sale


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  • odysseus
    True - I found some time back that their site is very difficult to find pricing deals, and didn't produce sale prices when advertised. I found I'll check them for prices generally, but their 'sales' don't attract me as they don't readily offer what they advertise.
  • Donkey
    Sad (?) to say the cheapest way to find tickets on the Emirates site seems to be to use Expedia or lastminute to cross check dates and prices. They're an otherwise good airline with consistently cheap tickets albeit only on certain routes. There's been some good promo's out of them. Buy business class get first class seems to happen at least once a year.
  • air m.
    air how To travel to monaco... Emirates business class flights ‘sale’ !! Booking outside the sale dates looks to be cheaper | Buckscoop - The Oz Bargain Blog...

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