Emerging Australian Online Fashion Retailers

While we've been singing the praises of international retailers to get your bargain clobber from, it would only be fair to also highlight some of the local brands who are actually worth paying some attention to, not least because they offer gorgeous clothing at better than usual prices, but because they are local and keep industry in Australia.


A great example of a really forward thinking label is Show Pony, an online retailer that started with a credit card for financial backing and now turns over $300 000 a month, moving out of a flat and into a CBD premises. The company has grown so much thanks to online advertising and Facebook followers that they're actually closing up shop and moving wholly online, and looking at moving into the US market too. That's seriously progressive in the Australian fashion market and it's clearly paying off. 


Show Pony fashion includes 'at the forefront of fashion' items, but most of their stock - a good 80% - regular, everyday wear. Show Pony clothing is fun, bold and perfect for young women, especially with the lovely range of Show Pony dresses.



Another small retailer showing fabulous growth at the moment is Beginning Boutique, who have reported a year-on-year first quarter growth of 290 percent, and really shows that the Australian public are hungry for affordable, unique fashions, and that new retailers and smaller, niche and boutique stores are finding their footing in the market place and becoming a force to reckon with.
Beginning Boutique also has a huge Facebook following, which have helped make them successful. It's interesting to see how these small business are using free social media to 'advertise', thereby keeping their costs lower and talking directly to the consumers who have an interest in them already. It's massively cost effective marketing, I'd wager.


An example of these savings can be seen just by clicking over to their websites. Beginning Boutique discounts at the moment include an up to 70% off sale, and a whole range of $39 dresses. That's just a great price. Show Pony will have you ready for summer in no time, with dresses from $30 - $50.


Of course, that doesn't totally negate the bigger retailers, like The Iconic, Styletread, Tony Bianco, and EziBuy, who all have fabulous sales from time to time, and a variety of delivery options. And as always, don't forget to look at the coupons and vouchers section of Buckscoop to capitalise on the bargains where you can!


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