eHarmony's 50% Off Promotional Code Gives You Double The Time To Find Your Perfect Match

If you're somebody serious about finding a life partner online, then probably two of the most important considerations that you should make are: (A) which online platform has the most single women/men and (B) how much will it cost. If you've found yourself asking these questions, then I suggest you consider eHarmony.

Not only do they have the second highest number of members across Australian dating sites, but something else which is a bit closer to home from a Buckscoop perspective, is that they've also released a 50% off promo code. Essentially, what this code does is drop the cost of their 6 month membership (Popular Choice plan) down to the same as their 3 month option (the Best Starter plan). Or another way to look at it is that you'll be getting double the length of time towards your quest to find love.   



eHarmony has over a million members, with an almost equal gender distribution of about 51% males and 49% females. Most of them are aged in their 20s and 30s, although there must also a be large number of older users too as eHarmony themselves have been quoted as saying that their target market is 30 - 55 year olds.



Although every one of their various membership options carry a signup fee, eHarmony is a well established dating site with possibly the best ratings in Australia from the online dating community as far I can tell. So at least your money would appear to be well spent on their services.

Paying and renewing a basic subscription month by month would cost you $59.95 each time, which adds up to a whopping $719.40 over a year. On the other hand, members who sign up for the 12 month "basic plan" will only have to pay $25.95 a month.

Probably your best option right now though, would be to opt for the above mentioned 50% off promo code which effectively gets you 6 months of access for the price of 3 (i.e. $29.95 for 6 months vs $59.95 for 3 months). Also, for anyone serious about finding a true match and a long lasting relationship, 6 months isn't actually that long. Most people won't discover their soul mate after the first introduction through eHarmony, and don't forget that it can take a fair bit of time to get to know anyone properly who you've chosen to meet up with.



Some of you may be thinking at this point, "well why should I pay for dating services when there are plenty of free dating apps available like Badoo, Tinder, Let's Date, etc ?". My answer to that would be that the odds of you finding somebody truly compatible, and who isn't simply looking for a one night hookup, would be pretty slim via any of these mobile apps.

Of course it's entirely possible to find a person looking for a long term relationship through one of the many GPS based dating apps available today. However, there's a much higher concentration of people with this mindset to be found on eHarmony. So I guess it all boils down to exactly what you're looking for in a relationship. But if you're reading this and considering eHarmony's services then I'm assuming that you would fall into the "looking for something serious" category of love-seekers, rather than the "One-nighters are my thing" category.



eHarmony's approach to match-making takes on a far more detailed inspection of each member upfront when they join, compared with most mobile dating apps. Upon signing up, new users will need to fill out a detailed questionnaire where they'll be asked to rate their own appearance and personality and then to list attributes important to them in a relationship and partner. These answers will be used to find matches using the so-called “29 dimensions of compatibility”.

What all this means is that eHarmony are effectively providing you with a highly tailored match-making experience which bends to your own personal wants and desires in another person. The intended result is to find somebody who's as compatible as possible. This hopefully then saves you from wasting time and energy as well as potential heartbreak after trawling through endless lists of profiles but never actually managing to establish any kind of meaningful relationship.

By the way, eHarmony also has their own mobile app giving you the convenience of being able to access your profile on the go. If you prefer to take a peek under the hood at their online services first, here's how you can get a "free trial" - just don't expect to find true love that quickly.


  • odysseus
    Results may be one thing. However, I can't help but feel it could be like the Fitness First of the dating site industry. I noted your prices shown don't seem to match the claimed discount i.e. 6 months for the price of 3 would be $29.95/month . It actually should be less to be 53%. So tried to find out the details on the website, but there's nothing obvious. Doing a search brings up this page: Where they clearly state they won't tell you, until you've already signed up. Why do they have to hide it? (Clearly, to try to reel you in, give up your details for advertising and/or heavy sales techniques on the phone.) And then some other commentary shows that they'll charge you automatically, and cancelling is on you and not straightforward. Of course it can be done, but equally I'm sure they've collected many unintended subscriptions as well. Then there are complaints about having to provide all the info and being screened out afterwards, and research that shows there is no benefit to their matching criteria.
    • Captainjack
      Right, got you now odysseus. All good points raised in your comment. Regarding my pricing and reference to "53%" off, this was the headline on the landing page I'd found which contained the code. But for the life of me, I can't find it now. However you're right, should be 50% off, not more (post title and body of the article edited accordingly). Regarding the research around their matching criteria stating that it has little/no benefit, it would be interesting to have a read through this - have you got any specific links you could share? I guess the point I was trying to drive home is that if you're going to spend money on an online dating service, with the intention of establishing a long term relationship, then based on their overall customer reviews (which I read) and the fact that you can get a discount, eHarmony is a pretty decent option. However, you've also added some important considerations for people looking to sign up to take into account as well.
  • odysseus
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      ...About the moderation required
  • Captainjack
    Sorry, you've lost me there odysseus?
    • odysseus
      I made a comment on Aug 21, which shows: "Your comment is awaiting moderation. "

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