Dora, Diego & Ben 10 Kids Pedal & Electric Ride-Ons $59.00 - $79.99 @ Catch Of The Day

In one of those time sensitive deals, Catch of the Day is offering Dora, Diego and Ben 10 pedal and electric ride-ons for $59-$79.99.

Well, the heat wave we're experiencing in WA means I have no enthusiasm for getting myself or my children outdoors, if I'm honest, but I know it wont last and when we're ready to resume our evening walks these ride ons would provide a great way to avoid the 'but I don't want to walk' scenario. 

The $59 Dora And Diego ride ons  play music and come complete with headlights that light up and can reach a speed of 2.5km an hour, so should be able to keep up with a slow walking parent! They are suitable for ages 3 – 7, and run on a 6V battery and have a charger included. 

The middle option, the quad bike at $69.99 features bright and colourful designs. It is also 100% power operated, so doesn't provide much by way of exercise, but at 3km per hour, provides a fair bit of excitement, which burns calories too!

Ben 10 Ride-on Quad Bike The top of the range option at $79.99 also plays music and includes a race car style steering wheel with a tooting horn and fun Dora and Boots decals. These are suitable for ages 3 – 6, with a maximum weight capacity of 30kg.

Looking at for a comparison, the next best price I can find for any of these is $108, excluding shipping, so while you still have to add the bulky items surcharge of $12 to your order, it's still a lot cheaper than anywhere else.

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