Does Vodafone's Double Data Promo Make Getting The Galaxy S5 On Contract Worthwhile?

If you're looking at Vodafone plans that come with the Samsung Galaxy S5, their recent announcement of a double data promo on certain contracts may help sway your decision on which one to go for. This is available on all plans from $60/month and up for the duration of the 24 month contract at no additional cost, giving you a minimum of 3GB of data per month.

Let's just cut to the chase and start with the more fitting plans for the S5. Both the $60 and $65 ones at Vodafone offer great value with unlimited calls and SMSs, plus double the usual 1.5GB of data (to 3GB/month) if you sign up before the 1st of July this year. The handset itself will cost you an extra $14 monthly, which works out at an additional cost of $336 over the 24 month contract lifespan.

With the $60 plan you get infinite calls to Vodafone numbers, plus $700 worth of calls to other networks - which based on whistleout's calculation is equivalent to 600 minutes of calls/month. Meanwhile with the $65 plan your calls have no network restrictions. On this basis, I'd suggest that unless the majority of your business or personal contacts are on other networks, you're better off saving $5 per month by opting for the $60 plan. This avoids unnecessarily spending an extra $120 over the contract duration.


If for some reason the $60 plan does not suit your needs or circumstances, there's no lack of selection when it comes to other plans. In this previous blog post here on Buckscoop it was pointed out that the cheapest option at Vodafone is to take the $30 plan with the additional $28 for the phone for a total cost of $58 per month. This is just $1 more than the offer from Virgin, who currently has the lowest price amongst all the telco's on a Galaxy S5-included contract, whose monthly plan cost comes to $57.

Virgin's plan includes the same $200 worth of calls and 200MB of data as Vodafone were originally offering. However, right now you can get an extra 100 call minutes + 100MB of data with Vodafone as part of another bonus promo running on their $30 plan. On a personal note, I find a data limit less than 1GB for this phone to be a bit low. I'm fairly certain that the average user today would burn through 300MB quite quickly just from regular app usage (see graphic below).

Vodafone 1GB data

On the other end of the scale, I believe that the most expensive option at $100/month targets only a small percentage of mobile users. Those who could afford such a high monthly tariff would probably be better off simply buying the handset outright elsewhere (note, an unlocked S5 on it's own sells for about $800 - $850 at the moment) and then looking at SIM only plans instead. That's because these types of plans generally offer much better value over the long term when compared to contracts including a handset that you end up paying a monthly premium for. The exact comparison of this though, is probably best left to a separate blog post. Vodafone's $100 plan includes the phone, 10GB data, infinite minutes in Oz and infinite texts nation-wide and overseas for a total minimum cost of $2400 for the duration of the contract.

No matter which plan you end up choosing, you're looking at a two year commitment with Vodafone. But when looking specifically at the calling and data limits versus your monthly outlay for the contract, to get the Galaxy S5 it would appear that the $60 plan gives you the best value overall.

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