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I'm trying to figure out what you'd need to buy this many sweets for - cake sale? fund raising? school? youth groups? I guess there are plenty reasons still for buying sweets in bulk, and has some great savings available.

There are actually a couple of offers all rolled in to one here. First, there are discounts on various sweets, such as the Jelly Bean Seconds 400g which were $3.52, but have been reduced to 99c. I put the maximum - 50 - into a basket, costing $50.49, and then added a 10kg Cadbury party mix for $49.50, this brought my total to $99.99, a cent short of the special offer. I then went to the $1 section, and added a bag of 99c Tropix Jersey Caramels.

Heading over to the shopping basket, my total was now $100.98, with $20 off automatically applied, bringing my total to $80.98. I also found, in my basket, another item added - When you purchase over $20 in products you will receive one of the following products: single colour lollipops x 20, Chupa Chups x 10, Sugarless Chocolate Bar or Sugarless Menthols FREE!  Please bear in mind that this specific free gift is subject to change while stocks last.

Customised and promotional products are excluded, it says, but the offer still came up in my basket, even though I only had sale items in it.

Depending on how much you're going to buy, there's another 5% off if you spend over $1000.

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  • Donkey
    The alternative is Moo-Lolly-Bar who also sell in industrial quantities, give free shipping on orders $125 and over and have the odd voucher code to use.

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