Despite A Fall In Alcohol Consumption In Australia, Online Sales Of Wine Showing Strong Growth

Based on the bargain wine-deals we've been seeing here on Buckscoop lately, one would think alcohol sales have skyrocketed over the past year. But a recent media release from ABS (Australian Bureau of Statistics) revealed a surprising result on the overall level of alcohol consumption amongst Australians, showing an actual decrease in 2013.


This is mainly due to the fact that drinking beer became less trendy, yet it still remains the most popular choice of alcoholic beverage amongst Aussies, accounting for the biggest proportion (41%) of the overall alcohol consumption in the country. Wine on the other hand seems to maintain its popularity after a rapid increase in recent years, with figures now citing an estimated consumption of 3.66 litres per person aged over 15 in 2012-13.


ABS's general stats may claim a record low overall level of alcohol consumption since the mid 90s, however online liquor sales are on the increase. According to a survey conducted by Roy Morgan, 52% of Australians said they “enjoy having a good look around liquor stores” and they also tend to spend more on booze than those who do not take pleasure in window-shopping. And as online stores give access to a wider selection to browse through than the average local bottle-o, they are attracting a large number of customers. When it comes to wine in particular, besides the convenience of shopping from their homes, people name good value and low prices as other key factors when making purchase decisions.

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Trying to keep up with the increased demand while maintaining their clientele, Dan Murphy’s (which was voted as one of the best liquor stores by two-thirds of happy “browsers”) regularly run multiple online only specials. WineMarket is one of the other retailers who is usually able to provide exceptional offers to the virtual community. Specialising in Australian produced cases of a dozen, in my opinion they’re one of the most competitive online stores when looking for a bargain deal on wine.


For those who have a hard time deciding what to pick or prefer to have a good variety of wine at home, most stores generally run decent promotions on mixed cases. These often contain bottles which if you were to buy individually the total would add up to almost double the price of the bundle. It’s also a way to get your hands on quality wine at a fraction of the market price. In April for example, three of the hottest deals we had on Buckscoop were on mixed cases. You could get 13 bottles from WineMarket for $54 delivered combining a promo offer with an active voucher at the time. Dan Murphy’s massive value bundle came in second, while Crackawines  had a unique mix of premium wines. Remember to always check for available wine vouchers in order to get the best deals online.
Global trends are constantly changing, which of course does not exclude the wine market. Stores are pushing out offers to meet the demand created by these trends; or it could be the other way around, that special promotions are influencing what's trending. This effect is noted by Winebiz, which states there was a 2.6% decline in popularity of white wine, while red wine sales rose 1% in the last year. Another interesting fact is that while Australian-produced wine still dominates overall wine sales, imports accounted for 15.7% of total sales, which is an increase from previous years. After all regardless of what you prefer, boutique wines from Europe or the good old Shiraz from Barossa, drinking wine will never go out of fashion.

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