Decorative Wall Decals $19 or $29 @ Groupon

Groupon has an offer on Wall Decals with either $19 for two or $29 for four.

I love wall decals. In many years of living in rented accommodation, I've never been able to paint and decorate as I've wanted to, and especially with small children, that's always been a sadness for me. When I discovered decorative wall decals though, that all changed, since I could decorate and theme the children's rooms to my heart's content, without a trace of evidence when the landlord comes! And it's a lot cheaper than painting and redecorating, since it's removable, and in many cases, reusable.

This offer from Groupon includes 150 designs to choose from, including Africa, bamboo, vine, chandelier and more. They're made from biodegradable material and are easy to apply and remove without leaving marks or damaging surfaces. They can also be used on walls or glass.

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