Deals Direct's 10th Birthday Sale Reveals Some Familiar Bargains For Buckscoopers

Yesterday, Deals Direct launched their 10th Birthday sale which runs from the 20th to the 29th of August 2013. For me, this promotion has a bit of a kids birthday party feel to it with its "free mystery gift with every purchase" offer as well as a hide-n-seek type game where each day you can win a prize by figuring out where Gazza the Elf is hiding on their website.

However, when it comes to the various discounts on offer, Deals Direct appear to be taking things a lot more seriously. Coincidentally, we're actually seeing a number of previous Buckscoop deals on their products resurfacing within this latest birthday sales catalogue of selected items. So for any of you who have have missed out on these in the past, here's your second chance to pick up a bargain.


You'll find that the majority of deals revolve around furniture, cupboards, bathroom cabinets and kid's table and chair sets ranging in prices from $37 up to 140 (according to deal poster "vikk"). What makes quite a few of them particularly good is the $2 shipping cap which has also been applied.

I've tried to to figure out what sort of free gift Deals Direct is offering with every purchase, although despite a bit of digging around online, I wasn't able to get any more information on this. If I do though, I'll share it in the comments section below.   


Right, now onto some of these top resurfacing Deals Direct bargains...


Rotating bathroom cabinet for $110 at Deals Direct

1.) The rotating bathroom cabinet for $110 delivered (pg 6 of catalogue).

In the original deal, which went up during February this year, the cabinet was selling for $131. According to the deal writer, she saw similar tall and narrow, white coloured bathroom cabinets - although without the rotating feature - at several other stores online all priced at over $150. That was also before taking any extra delivery charges into account.

The only place with a cabinet similar to this for under $150, both back then and currently, is IKEA with their "Fullen" piece priced at $69. However, shipping items individually at IKEA doesn't really make sense considering that it costs a minimum of $59. Also, Ikea's cabinet doesn't feature the rotating design which some may find very useful.


 Door Multi-purpose Cupboard in Deals Direct 10th Birthday Sale2.) A tall white multipurpose cupboard for $141 delivered (pg 7 of catalogue).

This 2 door multi-purpose cupboard in white, measuring 80cm x 40cm x 180cm, is currently on sale for the same price as the deal we had up on Buckscoop back in May at $139 (plus $2 in shipping). Cupboards like this on eBay are usually priced at over $200 including delivery, while over at K&D Warehouse you'd be forking out $189 for something very similar plus an additional $25 in postage.


3.) The mirrored shoe cabinet for $151 delivered (pg 1 of catalogue).

5 door mirrored shoe cabinet from Deals Direct During this 10th birthday sale, the base price of this mirrored shoe cabinet is actually lower than the previous deal back in March. Right now it's $129, versus March's deal price of $149. However, without the $2 shipping cap as per the original deal, the current shipping rate of $22 to metro areas rather conveniently - from DD's perspective, that is - brings the final delivered price back up to exactly $151.

Other online retailers such as, OnlineFurnitureShop, and CrazySales all have this same shoe cabinet listed at $199 with shipping costs or around $40, pushing your total up to the point that it would cost you around $90 more to purchase it elsewhere.


4.) 2 x Parson Dining Chairs (in faux leather or microfibre) for $101 delivered (pg 9 of catalogue).

Unlike the deals above, this one hasn't actually featured on Buckscoop before. However, based on the savings you're able to make on these chairs when compared to market prices elsewhere, I felt it was worth including in this list. You currently have a choice of three different colours (chocolate, black or latte) in two different materials (faux lather or microfibre). All of these options carry the $2 shipping cap meaning that in total you'll be paying $101 to have two such chairs delivered to your front door.

Doesn't look like you'll find these dining chairs or very similar ones priced at anything below $150 from sellers with stores on eBay. While over at other online retailers such as Freedom, LivingStyles, Wayfair, and Nisbets, prices all vary upward of that amount. So you can be sure of getting these chairs for at least 30% cheaper from Deals Direct than anywhere else online at the moment.


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