Deals Direct Australia Day Special $5 Shipping Cap Per Order

For Australia Day this year Deals Direct are doing a cap of $5 on shipping which makes a nice change from them charging per item and based on delivery location too so it’s a great time to dig deep so that you can ‘stack them high and buy them cheap’ as they say.

To give you an idea I looked at this Spectrum 26inch Beach Cruiser bike that is currently $149.95 on Deals Direct so at today’s shipping charges it’s going to cost me an additional $52.55 to ship it to Tassie, then when I add this crazy helmet at $29.95 that's another $10.45 shipping and finally this kiddies bike trailer at $149.95 is $20.94 so in shipping alone we’re hearing that cyber cash till kerching at a whopping $83.94 in shipping charges alone. So, buy these during the deal period and you’re making a nice tidy saving of $78.94 which ain’t half bad.

This offer starts at 3pm on the 25th January ending 11:59pm on the 26th January and essentially means that no matter how many items you have in your basket or where they are shipping to, all you pay is $5, so with that little nugget in mind I thought I'd do a bit of digging to see if there was anything else interesting in there.

The first are these Bose OE2I Audio Headphones in Black. Now I've been after a pair of Bose headphones for a while although I have to admit I was after the Quiet Comfort ones but the over inflated Bose price tag just put me off. Now, I know Bose are a premium top quality brand and not normally discounted so when I spotted these I was pretty pleased with myself.

The Deals Direct price is 179.95 and with shipping coming out at $5 the total is 184.95 on Kogan they are also 179.00 but when you add the shipping of 19.00 your looking at a 198.00 total price still better than the Apple Store who as we know are always super expensive at 229.00 but Deals Direct at 184.95 win hands down on this one.

Now granted they aren't the quiet comfort ones but they are still Bose and whilst they aren't totally noise cancelling which these days and at my age is probably dangerous anyway, they are pretty smart and compact. They also have a microphone so they can be used with an Iphone and come with a case which is a bonus after all most of us are attached to our phones these days, which sad but true.

I also noticed on a recent trip that all the hip kids on the plane are wearing the old school headphones like these, so if it’s good enough for them then it’s good enough for me. If you like me are so over those irritating little in ear things that never seem to stay (or is that just me?) then these are worth considering.

Whilst I'm on the music tip (I used to love music before I had kids and they ruined my life) I found this Altec Lansing iMT630 iPod/iPhone Docking Station that comes with a remote control that fits snuggle in a magnetized cubby hole in the back of the unit which is really handy as I have a remote control on my Sony Dock at home that is permanently getting lost normally I find it in my child’s mouth or toy box.

After having a quick look around I found and both offering this at $95.00 which makes this Deals Direct price of $59.99 look like a complete steal especially if you think the $5.00 cap on shipping applies here too.

Anyway, Docking stations are very pleasing in that they are static, look nice and make it so easy to have music in every room without having to carry around those mini speakers everywhere which sadly I have done in the past and I don’t have time to figure out the whole wireless music thing right now, way too much trouble so docks are just easy to set up and maintain. I recently stayed in a hotel that had docking stations in every room which was a real luxury. Altec Lansing I know have always had a good reputation and been available on the Apple website which is like the Apple seal of approval for me so I am guessing these are good quality and a brand that can be trust.


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