Deals Direct 1 day clearance sale - worth a look.

Deals Direct Clearance Sale.

I'm personally a sceptic of sales generally and again am wary of generally of the quality of deals direct stuff. Having said that there's usually items that are well priced in a sale and if you stick to the known brands it can work out.

If your wanting any of this stuff you will need to be quick as its a one day sale and I'm a bit late in posting this. I was just price checking some of the branded gear and its worth posting. Unfortunately there's not any current Deals Direct coupons or vouchers that can be used at the moment. A free shipping voucher would have been nice.

First on the list was a Baccarat Stainless Steel Roaster & Rack 35 x 24 x 7.5 cm

This Baccarat roasting tray is priced at $69 on Deal Direct, while elsewhere its in the range of $100 plus. Its also selling at around $130 on Ebay. That leaves enough room on the Deals Direct price to be a bargain even after shipping.

Baccarat kitchen gear is in my opinion, generally very good and last and lasts and lasts. This is an opinion formed from having used my Baccarat pots for about 15 years.


Next on the list was a Razor Wild Style Scooter. Essential for anyone with kids and almost definately something that is going to be trashed.

The Deals Direct pricing on this wasn't that good being $39.95, but only because BigW are selling the same at $45, meaning you could pick it up at BigW for about the same price as shipped from Deals Direct. It is otherwise a good deal given that the price range elsewhere is $89 upwards.

And third on the list was a Tomy Starlight Dreamshow.

On clearance Deals Direct have it priced at $12.45. Now Deals Direct being who they are that doesnt mean thats not the every other day price but in any case its good when compared against the average elsewhere. You'll find it on Ebay for $15 + shipping and physical stores have it in the range of $24 - $30.

There's plenty of other stuff in the sale, some of which will be good value. Stick to the brands and have a quick check that the price is good and you can get some decent bargain gear.

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