Comparing Initial Samsung Galaxy S4 Mini Prices in Australia

Update - 11/07/2013: In reference to my comment below about the best price from DWI on the Samsung Galaxy S4 i9500, today there's a better deal going from Unique Mobiles on the slightly more expensive i9505 model for $617 (delivery included). You'll need a voucher to get it at this price.

On July 2nd I spotted the first retailer, MobiCity, selling the Samsung Galaxy S4 Mini online. A week and a half on and it looks like a few more have stock of this popular handset now. An initial comparison of the Galaxy S4 Mini prices in Australia indicates that we may just be seeing the start of the pricing wars taking place amongst retailers as Unique Mobiles steps in to beat MobiCity's original offer price of $618.90. However, our advice at Buckscoop still remains to hold out for another 3 - 5 weeks before deciding to wade in and buy one.

To put things into perspective, the S4 Mini's original sibling, the Samsung Galaxy S4, has been available in Australia since the end of April 2013 with an RRP of $899. It can be bought online right now though for between $635 to $670 including delivery. At the time of writing it's actually DWI who appear to have the best deal going at $635 (if you're interested, might as well grab the $10 off voucher on the Buckscoop Vouchers page for DWI).

So lets compare the S4's prices against the current deals going for the scaled-down Samsung Galaxy S4 Mini i9195 4G LTE (prices below including shipping):

Unique Mobiles: $613

MobiCity: $618.90

- Digi DealsDirect: $627

- Expansys: $630

I found a cheaper offer from Think.Of.Us for $563 with delivery although this was for the i9190 model which doesn't offer LTE support. What the above prices indicate though is that despite the current range being relatively small, Unique Mobiles' move to secure the no.1 spot should trigger a reaction from its competitors to follow suit. Over the next 3 weeks I would expect to see prices dropping further by as much as 10-15%, based on what we saw with the original S4's price action over this time period after its launch.  As there's no doubt that any phone with the words "Samsung Galaxy S4" in the title is going to be grabbing the attention of potential buyers.

But when you compare the prices on the S4 Mini right now versus what you can pay for the more powerful S4 original, then I still don't really see any point in choosing the Mini unless you're someone with a very strong preference for its smaller physical dimensions. If this is a motivator for you then consider getting the Galaxy S3 Mini instead which is significantly cheaper but not far off in terms of its power and features list. Read my previous post here for a comparison table between the S3 and S4 Mini's specifications. If you're still convinced that the latest S4 Mini is the phone for you however, then this previous post also lists two retailers in the UK where you can purchase it at a better price (including delivery to Australia) than the above mentioned local deals.

Keep following Buckscoop's Bargain Blog to remain up to date with the latest Samsung Galaxy S4 Mini prices in Australia as the pricing wars gather momentum.


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  • crusty
    Just saw the offer you posted up on the Deals page for the S4 Mini dual sim model (i9192), pretty good at $477. Waiting for prices on the Mini to get closer to the $400 range before I jump in. Will give it a few more weeks and see.

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