Collapsible Car Boot Organizer & Cooler Bag $12.95 @ eSOLD

I am sure I'm not the only mum in the world who feels like I live out of my car some days. And if you ask my husband, he'll tell you it looks like it too. It's a Saturday job, sometimes, getting all the clothes, shoes, toys, drinks bottles and other child and baby related stuff out of the boot and the back seat.  eSOLD is selling a Collapsible Car Boot Organizer and Cooler Bag for $12.95, instead of $39.95, a nifty $27 saving. 

It's a really good idea, this thing, I think. The Organizer is foldable and collapsible. It has three compartments in which you can store books, magazines, groceries, clothing, toys, and whatever else you cart around. It includes a portable cooler bag for on the go use - perfect for day time snacks or a daytrip to the beach. The good thing about that is you can take it out if you need the extra compartment.

There's a mesh section for popping your magazines and newspapers.

I must admit, the image is in no way representative of what it would look like in my boot. ;)


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