Christmas Gift Ideas With A Little Something Extra For Little Ones

Kids Christmas gifts always stump me, I always want to get things that they will actually enjoy or make use of regularly instead toys or the latest fad that they are going to get tired of in a minute. I want my Christmas gifts to stand out and to mean something to the parent and child receiving them. I think personalised gifts are way better to generic gift packs and gift cards in the same way that a handwritten note is more special than just dropping someone an email or text. I’ve been looking around online for great personalised gifts and I’ve put together some of the best gift ideas for kids that I came across.


Great Gifts For Tiny Tots At Tinyme

Tinyme is a great store for personalised gifts for kids. They have got a range of special Christmas themed t-shirts for kids. These are going at $24.95 with over 15 different designs to choose from. You can also customise the colour scheme, the colour and cut of the t-shirt and of course get that special kid’s name printed on the t-shirt. You can get the best deal if you buy 3 or more t-shirts since there is a Tinyme promo code on the voucher’s page that will get you free shipping on orders over $60. Alternatively you can hit that $60 mark by picking up some decorations or personalised gift cards. Their Christmas themed wall sticker sets are currently going at 50% off while selected gift cards and greeting cards are going at 25% off.  



Get Kids Excited About School At Stuck On You

I really like the idea of getting kids excited about going to school and the great gift options at Stuck On You, will do just that I think. Back to school Christmas gifts will also be appreciated by the parents because you are saving them the trouble of stocking up on selected supplies.

There are different options to choose from depending on the age of the kids you are shopping for. Kids who are going to be starting school next year will enjoy this Orientation pack with personalised stickers, name tags and even a pair of white school shoes that will have their name printed on the inside. The name tags are durable and scratch resistant, so these can be used on lunch boxes and other school gear. You can also add a phone number to the personalised label - this is super useful as any parent will tell you, kids seem to be constantly losing their stuff. The Orientation packs are going at $37.90 shipped.

If you want to go with something more in the Christmas theme, I came across these personalised Santa sacks for $52.90 shipped. These are one of those gift items that can be reused every year and it’s a real keepsake that is going to follow a kid through his or her childhood. Right now Stuck On You have a promotion for the Santa packs, with each pack you can purchase a non-personalised plush toy for an additional $9.95.



Identity Direct Christmas Book

Take Kids On A Christmas Adventure!

Identity Direct has one of my favourite Christmas gift options for kids - Christmas adventure books! I used to love Christmas stories as a kid and my parents used that to get me hooked on reading. So this is another gift idea that the parents are going to love.

What makes this extra special is that you can include the kid’s name along with the name of his or her best friend and the town that they are from and this information will be included in the story. You are essentially giving them a Christmas story involving them and their best friend; what could be more magical than that! This personalised Christmas adventure tale is only $19.98 inclusive of shipping charges.

The site also has a range of bags, water bottles and lunch boxes that are currently on sale. These items all feature popular characters from the Disney series, Dora the Explorer, Ben 10 and others. Another great item was this car activity organiser for $24.98 shipped, it will keep kids productively entertained while they are in the car.


Overall these gifts are definitely memorable, useful and loads of fun. They are things that the kids are going to be able to use throughout the year or at during each Christmas season.

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