Christmas Gift Ideas for Kids - Deals on Personalised Childrens Books

In trying to come up with ideas for Christmas gifts for my own daughter, I came across this free shipping promo code at Identity Direct who also happened to be promoting their personalised children's books. These make fantastic gifts for kids as you're able to specify personal details about your child (such as their name, surname, best friend's name, pet's name, etc) which are then incorporated into the book allowing them to star in the stories themselves. Far more engaging than most regular story books in my humble opinion as a parent.

Being a serial-deal hunter my next thought turned to wanting to know how good the standard prices on these books from Identity Direct actually were combined the free shipping discount. And by the looks things, they're actually great value. Although depending what exactly you're looking for, it may work out best to buy one from somewhere keep reading.


Identity Direct's Personalised Children's Books

Looking through their list of their personalised books the prices appear to range from $7.50 up to $34.99 depending on the size and number of pages in each book. They're all based on popular children's stories/films including Dora the Explora, Monster University, Mickey Mouse, Winnie the Pooh and more.  My eye's immediately locked on the "My Adventures with Disney Princess Collection" title for $19.99 which I know would be a big hit with my daughter. After entering a few personal details like my daughter's name, a few friend's names and the street we lived in, I was taken to the checkout page on their website. The final price for the book including delivery was $24.98. But after applying the free shipping promo code you effectively end up saving $4.99 or around 25% on what you otherwise would have had to pay.

Often these kinds of free shipping codes carry minimum spending limits. However, that doesn't appear to be the case here as I was able to add the cheapest book on offer for $7.50 (titled "My Adventures with Ratatouille") to my shopping cart and the free shipping code was successfully applied to it as well. In total there are a selection of 50 titles to choose from, with the majority priced between $14.99 to $19.99, meaning you shouldn't have any trouble picking out a suitable story for your own child.

Just make sure you order by the 15th of December if you'd like to get this sent to you in time for Christmas.  


Tinyme Personalised Children's Books

Tinyme Personalised Books for KidsFirst stop in my comparisons of the above deal was to visit Tinyme who offer a range of personalised products aimed at kids. In their personalised books section you're limited to a choice of six different books which all cost $24.95. They come in two sizes - A4 and A5 - for which you'll need to pay an additional $5 for the A4 books.

To get a discount on these books, you could sign up to "Club Tiny" after which they'll supposedly send you a promo code via email which entitles you to $20 off when spending $50 or more on their website. So by purchasing two of these books and then adding something cheap to your shopping cart, like these clear shoe overlay labels for $1.95, to get you over the $50 order size threshold, you could end up only having to pay $31.85 after using the promo code. The books would then ultimately end up costing you just $15.93 per book.

Another option for getting a discount, although not as good as the above, is Tinyme's current "multi-buy promo" where if you buy two books you can save 15% or purchase three books and they'll automatically deduct 25% from the total. In other words you'd end up paying $42.42 for two books or $56.14 for three (equivalent to either $21.21 or $18.71 per book respectively).


Jelly Bean Books - Personalised Children's Books

My last stop of comparisons was on Jelly Bean Book's website who offer a total of 19 personalised children's books, all priced at $21.50.  They ship for free across Australia although if you want express postage you'll need to pay an additional $10.55. There's a notification on the front page of their website indicating that orders need to be made by the 15th of December as they're closing after that and only opening again on the 13th January 2014.


In summary, it looks like you'll find the cheapest personalised children's books at Identity Direct, making this an excellent option for stocking filler gifts at just $7.50 per book including delivery. However, on the mid-ranged pricing options the three retailers are more evenly matched. So your choice will most likely come down to both your personal preferences on the styling of the various books as well as how many you choose to buy.

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