Chocolate Moulds And Cookie Cutters For Sale @ The Raspberry Butterfly

It seems rather off thinking ahead to Easter today, but while searching for a specific cookie cutter for Christmas, I came across this sale on Easter moulds and shapes. I think the prices in The Raspberry Butterfly's clearance bin are pretty great and once ordered you can wait for them to arrive, then pop them in the cupboard and forget about them for a few months. 

Chocolate Mould - Chicks & Crosses cost $4.95 in the clearance sale, as do Huddled Bunny moulds.  For under $1 you'll find a Valentine's cookie cutter Cupid, or a floppy eared bunny or a lamb.

There are also some pretty awesome cake tins for making shapes and numbers and all sorts - all very clever and some of them reduced by more than half price.

This is one of those cases where being planning ahead can save you a fortune! I know it will for me!

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