Children's Clothing Sale @ Adams Online with Free International Delivery

Adams online in the UK has a pretty good sale on children's winter and summer clothes right now, but what really makes this worth mentioning is that they're offering free international delivery with orders over £35, or $51.95. I love Adams clothing, personally, and find them pretty good quality. My daughter's first Christmas dress was from them, and I've loved their children's clothing ever since.

There’s roughly 50% off everything, with a few exceptions. The Adidas range, for example, only have a few pounds off each item, bringing them from around £17 to around £14. Other items have more of a discount though, and some greater than 50%. The Toddler Girls Pale Grey Baby Cord Trousers BS for example, were £21.99 but have been reduced to £8.80 and the Name It Girls' Jacket was £60.00 but is now £24.00 ($35.65). I couldn't find the same brand anywhere locally, but similar girls coats are retailling around $89.

The grab for me is that I really don't like seeing my kids dressed in the same thing as two others in the play area, so I love buying from abroad, so they can have something different. So please don't visit our play centre now!

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