Cheap Accommodation Options via Airbnb During This Year's Melbourne Carnival Cup 2014

The Melbourne Carnival Cup is fast approaching and I would like to follow on from my previous post concerning accommodation. The last one encompassed hotel deals available for the duration of the Carnival Cup in Melbourne. However, I would now like to take a different stance on finding accommodation during this busy period. As you may be aware, hotel deals can be snapped up pretty quickly. So if your still looking for a place to stay and are happy to sacrifice slightly on privacy, I have a fresh wave of even cheaper options for you courtesy of AirBnB.

This service provides the opportunity to rent rooms, apartments or houses often for short periods directly from private property owners. You have the ability to enable a range of different filters allowing your searches to be as simple or as complex as you like, from a single bed with a bathroom, to a four-bedroom house with a swimming pool, doorman, hot tub and much, much more. To find the best bargains available on AirBnB during the Melbourne Carnival Cup, from the 1st November to 8th November, continue reading, but be warned, some pricing may shock you.


The search criteria I have used to produce the following results have been kept to a minimum. Adding more filters such as parking may increase the price, so in saving fashion, I will give you the basics, but feel free to add to it as you wish:

  • 2 guests
  • Private room
  • Minimum price range

Once selecting the above filters and showing my search results, I was presented with 18 options within the Melbourne area. The most affordable option is a private room with 2 beds, within a cosy house based in Coburg, and is shared by two theatre practitioners. Amenities consist of Internet, free parking, heating, TV a kitchen and more. Coburg is roughly 12km or 20 minutes drive from the Flemington racecourse. However, where this options really stands out is its price, costing only $31 per night, the total for 7 nights will set you back $217. One difference between booking with AirBnB and other hotel websites, is AirBnB state their service fee, which in this case will be $34 for the total 7 nights.

So the grand total will calculate like this: $31 (price per night) x 7 (nights) + $34 (service fee) = $251.

When searching for your own criteria, make sure you check the minimum stay period, because they will vary. For example, this property requires a minimum 7-day rental.

Quirky Loft for Rent on AirBnBThe second relevant result that I selected was a Quirky loft attic-style bedroom situated in Carlton North. The apartment has two bedrooms, one of which is used by a couple, who have decided to rent their spare bedroom, which has one double bed. Amenities include a kitchen, shampoo, internet, washing machine and essentials. North Carlton is about 6km or 15 minutes drive away from the racecourse. The price for this room per night is $34 and the minimum required stay is 2 nights. However, if you decide to take the property for the full 7 nights it will cost you $238. The service fee for this property is $38 for a 7-night booking, bringing the grand total to $276.

Seabrook #3 Accommodation available on AirBnBOur next entrant into this post is a little further away, it’s a house in Seabrook #3. The accommodation is a private room within a house that sleeps 2 guests in one double bed and is en-suite. Breakfast is also included when you stay at this property. Amenities available are a kitchen, Internet, TV, shampoo and essentials. Seabrook is in the region of 18km distance from the Flemington racecourse or 20 minutes drive by car. The price to pay per night for this room is $36 and the minimum stay is 1 night, however for the 7 nights the total cost for the room will be $252, plus the service fee of $40 bringing the total to $292.

Retro House available on AirBnBBig Retro Room is the next property with available accommodation, situated in Seddon. This private room offers a double futon styled bed suitable for two guests. The amenities include a kitchen, Internet, TV, shampoo and essentials. The area of Seddon is within very close proximity of the racecourse, at only 3.5km it will take less than 10 minutes in a car to travel there. One night’s stay at this property is $38.50 and the minimum stay for this property is one night. However, for the duration of the 7 nights the total rental amount will cost $270, plus the service fee of $42 brings the net total to $312.

Northcote Travellers Accommodation on AirBnBIf nothing has interested you so far, then our property in Northcote might be more suitable, it’s called the Northcote Travellers. This property has a private bedroom suitable for two guests on a real bed. Amenities you can expect are a kitchen, Internet, essentials, air-conditioning and suitability for events. In relation to the Melbourne carnival, Northcote is roughly 10km or 20 minutes drive away. A single night with these guys is priced at $40 and they require a minimum of 3 nights stay. The full 7 nights will cost $280 plus a service fee of $44, so your total expenditure will amount to $324 to stay.


Essentially what I have learnt from this research is that there are huge price differences between going via a privately advertised room or apartment, to selecting the traditional commercial forms of accommodation via the likes of Expedia, and other hotel booking websites. If you are looking for a place to literally sleep, and on the odd occasion have a light breakfast served in the mornings, then AirBnB has the ability to provide you with an array of options. If however, you require a swimming pool or spa and other facilities that would otherwise be rather costly when going privately, a hotel would be more suited to your needs.

So considering this AirBnB article and the previous hotel post, their prices and the proximity you can stay within the Melbourne Cup Carnival this year, how much does your accommodation budget matter over your time at the carnival and other expenses?

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