Chain Reaction Cycles Free Shipping to Australia Plus an Extra 10% Off Wheels

Chain Reaction Cycles (CRC) announced last week that they would be offering free shipping over the weekend (11th and 12th Jan) to Australia, which is rare. As is often the case with their sitewide promotions though, yesterday we saw that they'd decided to extend this until midnight AEST on Tuesday the 14th of January. Who knows though, perhaps if the uptake of this offer has been good enough they may extend it further.

Since time is of the essence on this offer, my post here provides a summary of the CRC deals posted on Buckscooop around the free shipping promo as well as an additional 10% off discount that they're running on wheels too. The latter discount is valid until midnight AEST on Wednesday the 15th of January.


Skins A100 Compression sleeveless tops:

Skins A100 Compression sleeveless tops $13.49 in Chain Reaction CyclesThis was actually submitted as a deal before the free shipping promo, so it's only been made better by having delivery thrown in as well. Particularly as some of the items here are low cost where the shipping charges otherwise would amounted to almost as much as the items themselves.

CRC have kicked off their January sales where they've got the Skins A100 Compression sleeveless tops marked down by up to 80% now going for $13.49. Also listed are the Skins A100 1-2 tights for $17.99 and the Skins A100 short sleeve tops for $20.49, both of which are available in a variety of sizes and colours. If your budget can stretch further then the Skins A400 mens half tights are going for $58.49. I've just double checked the price comparisons that I'd done in the original deal for these and it looks like they're now more expensive at Rebel Sports and, costing $105.51 and $89.95 respectively (with shipping). This makes the price at CRC on these half tights even better considering that's the shipping-included too.   


High5 Zero Electrolyte Tablets (20) delivered for $6.99 at Chain Reaction CyclesHigh5 Zero Electrolyte Tablets:

When special discounts on these energy tablets appear, they usually get snapped up pretty quickly. So I'm actually surprised that stocks for this deal from CRC for a tube of High5 Zero Electrolyte tablets (20) for $6.99 has lasted this long. This is the lowest I've ever seen a tube of 20, which is all thanks to the free shipping promo. The only minor annoyance is that they've only got the neutral flavour tablets left in stock at this price. Still, you can't complain at this price.


10% Off Wheels:

Eastern Nitrous Double Shot BMX 20" front wheel delivered for $65.69 at Chain Reaction Cycles

On top of CRC's free shipping weekend, they also launched a further 10% off discount on all wheels, except Mavic 2014's. To get the most out of this offer, you'd want to combine it with the free shipping promo which means buying wheels for less than $99 (CRC's free shipping threshold). That way you save yourself 10% plus the usual $9.99 shipping fee. Some examples where you can save money are on the:

- Eastern Nitrous Double Shot BMX 20" front wheel in "matt hot blue" for $65.69 (savings of $17.29)
- Shimano RS11 Road 700c front wheel in silver for $89.09 (savings of $18.89)
- Blitz front BMX wheel 20" (black) for $55.79 (savings of $16.19)

Note, the extra 10% off will be automatically applied once you go to checkout, the same way the free shipping promo is applied.


I suggest you keep an eye on CRC's website over the next day or two to see if there's any mention of an extension of either of these two offers. Of course if I see anything myself, I'll post a comment here too.

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