Buckscoop Uncovers the Best Bargains Amongst the Recent Surge of Gaming Deals

Great time to be a gamer!

Recently we've had a real big surge in gaming deals here at Buckscoop, which has made the past week or so really interesting for both us and our gaming followers and readers. Amongst all the excitement we've complied a list of some of the hottest gaming details we still have up for grabs. Dick Smith's have also been instrumental in pushing out some very competitive gaming offers this week (see here). However, most were based on discounts attached to vouchers which only tended to be valid for 24 hours. So if you weren't monitoring our Deals board daily, you would have probably missed out.

For any gamers still looking to pick up some good deals on games, gaming equipment or next-gen consoles we have highlighted what is currently still available. If for some reason none of the below deals interest you, or you have already benefitted from the below deals, be sure to check back regularly for more gaming bargains and vouchers.


Fifa 14 Deal on Buckscoop

Deal: Fifa 14 - $21.70

Ends: 25/9/14

Take for example our latest deal on the eagerly anticipated Fifa 14. If you’re yet to get your hands on the new Xbox One and still have an Xbox 360, Fifa 14 is going for a great price of $21.70 at 365games as part of their weekly deal. This in comparison to other stores such as JB Hi-Fi who have it on sale for $69 or our next cheapest option at $30, I would say grab them whilst they're hot!


Farcry 3 and Farcry 3 Deluxe Edition Deal on Buckscoop

Deal: Far Cry 3 - $5.20 & Far Cry 3 Deluxe Edition - $6.80

Ends: 22/9/14

Not a console gamer? Well we’ve just released two of the hottest deals on Far Cry 3. Grab yourself Far Cry 3 for $5.20 or Far Cry 3 Deluxe Edition for $6.80. This is the cheapest the game has ever been on PC so be sure to check  out the deal on Funstock Digital and use the code #FUNCRY to get the discounted price.



Deal: PS4 Bundle - Console + Controller + Assassins Creed Black Flag + The last of us Remastered - $499

Ends: 30/9/14

PS4 Bundle Deal Console + 2 Games + Controller on Buckscoop

How about getting your hands on the new Playstation 4 Console? Well both JB Hi-Fi and Kmart have a pretty good bundles package available. JB Hi-Fi have a deal on the PS4 + The last of Us Remastered (Game) + Assassins Creed Black Flag (Game) for $499.
Kmart have a different bundle deal consisting of the console + Killzone Shadow Fall + Knack for $449. However, in my opinion and I believe the general consensus of the online reviews world, most people would be inclined to fork out the extra $50 and get the Assassins Creed game within their bundle.

Both of these bundles are on in line with their value. Our resident gaming guru Kryptick, has brought to light that the JB games retail for roughly $90 and Kmart games at around $40, so either way you are receiving the PS4 console for around $410.



Logitech G27 Racing Wheel Deal at JB Hi-Fi on Buckscoop

Deal: Logitech G27 Racing Wheel + Pedals + Six-speed Gearbox - $225

Ends: 26/9/14

What about if you’re a serious driving gamer, well don’t worry because JB potentially have a very affordable deal for you. Currently on offer they have a Logitech G27 Racing Wheel, which usually sells for between $270 and $499. However, check out this deal, because you can get it for $225, plus delivery, which is $9.95. The whole pack comes with force feedback, six-speed gearbox and sturdy pedals designed for the heavy right-footed drivers.



Madden NFL 25 Deal on Buckscoop

Deal: Madden NFL 25 for $19.90 (Xbox One Game)


For the next-gen console gamers, here’s something to feed your NFL fix: Madden NFL 25 is going for a cool $19.90AUD delivered!! The game is actually only $12.99USD or $14.50AUD so be sure to check this deal out on Play Asia. Check out their Deal here. To give you a quick idea about how good this deal is, we did a comparison with JB, EB Games and OzGamesShop who all have it for $69 and above.

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