Buckscoop Offers Clarity Around Bonds' use of "Any" in Their “Buy Any 4 Get 40% Off” Sale

Bonds currently have a sale on, “Buy Any 4 to Get 40% off”, giving the impression that their entire collection is available at a 40% discount. However, with no obvious terms around this sale being visible, it was only after a bit of trial and error from resident Buckscoop deal hunter "Captainjack" that it became clear that the discount only applies to full priced items. 

Not only has this saved others from wasting time figuring it out on their own, but he's also shown us exactly how to maximise savings by adding a mix of non-sale and sale items to your cart in order to qualify for this promotion.


Captainjack's discovery makes Bond's use of the word "Any" in their sale slogan "Buy Any 4 Get 40% off’" seem somewhat misleading. He also figured out that the best way to get the biggest discount from this promotion, was to add a combination of both full priced and sale items to your cart. Effectively, you should try to add at least 2 or 3 sale items which are already marked down by at least 40% to your shopping cart. That way, when the 40% off discount from the above promo gets applied to the full priced items, you're likely to receive an even larger saving overall.

In Captainjack's deal he used the following four items to demonstrate this:

-  SALE Item: Everyday men’s trunks: $10 (originally $17.95)

-  SALE Item: Besties logo crew tee: $10 (originally $22.95)

-  SALE Item: Besties raglan pullover: $25 (originally $44.95)

-  FULL Price: Logo shorts: $34.95


The Correct Recipe to Maximise your SavingTo help you find items at Bonds which suit your own personal preferences, here's my recommendation:

1)   Open the Bonds website and select the category of clothes that you would like to purchase.

2)   Once your search results have loaded, select ‘Sort By Price: Low to High’

3)   Look for items that have at least 40% off (the higher the better)

4)   Check that they have your sizing available and add to basket

5)   Repeat steps 1 to 4 until you have a selection of 2 or 3 sales items within your basket

6)   Finally, find 1 or 2 full priced items to meet the "Buy Any 4" requirement


Going back to Captainjack's deal, with his selection of 3 sale items and 1 full priced item, the cart total was $79.95. The ‘Logo shorts’ were the only full priced item, meaning that the 40% discount was only applied to their price, resulting in the net total dropping to $65.97 (including shipping).

To demonstrate how his savings were maximised in this instance, had all items been listed at their original full prices, the total basket amount would have been $127.80. Applying the 40% discount to this amount would have reduced the final total to just $76.68, which ultimately works out more expensive. Thus, having a mix of sale and non-sale items should give you the biggest savings.

The good thing about Bonds in general when it comes to picking out items with the biggest discounts, is that normally they have decent levels of stock available in terms of sizing. Far too many retailers out there only offer significant discounts when they've just about run out of stock. Thus you're often left with only the extreme sizes being available (e.g. XXS and XXL). ASOS, for example, are notoriously bad for this although it's only fair to add that they're certainly not alone in this respect. Bonds also throw free shipping in with every order, another major plus point about shopping with them online as far as I'm concerned.

Bonds Logo

Lastly, to help you in your search for items on sale, here's a list of previous Bonds deals that have appeared on Buckscoop within the last year. Use this as a benchmark to compare current prices in this promotion with discounted sale prices in the past. That way you should be able to work out whether an item is good value at present or not.


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