Booktopia Bargains Make The 2014 Premier's Reading Challenge Very Affordable

Booktopia Bargains Make The 2014 Premier's Reading Challenge Very Affordable

The 2014 NSW Premier's Reading Challenge kicks off on March 3rd, with many parents no doubt eager to have their children compete in order to improve their reading skills. For kids aged 3 - 9 years old, they'll need to read twenty books by the 29th August 2014 in order to complete the challenge. Many of these books will be available from school and public libraries, but there's the hassle of having go to the library to pick one up as well as having to contend with actually getting your hands on the limited number of available copies.

Enter Booktopia, whom with their current combination of heavy discounting for their 10th birthday sale along with a free shipping promo code, mean your best option may be to simply buy a number of books and have have them delivered straight to your front door.

Below are some examples of the deals at Booktopia right now on books in each of the NSW Premier's Reading Challenge age groups.   


K2 Age Group Book Deals:

"Reggie and Lu" by Emma Quay in paperback is available at Booktopia for $2.50. This book is priced at $16.99 at QBD, $17.67 at Fishpond, $23.49 at, and $24.99 at Angus & Robertson - all inclusive of delivery.

Another deal for $2.50 is "Mrs Honey's Dream" (hardcover) by Pam Adams. The same hardcover, with shipping included, sells for $9.81 at both Fishpond and QBD, while at Angus & Robertson you'd be looking at paying $13.99.


3 - 4 Age Group Books Deals:

Molly's Memory Jar - Booktopia"Molly's Memory Jar" by Norma Spaulding is priced at $3.35 on Booktopia. Elsewhere online you'd need to pay between $29 and $35 with shipping if buying this book from either, New Frontier Publishing, Vipa Books or Jeffrey's Books.


7 - 9 Age Group Books Deals:

The Rainbow Wand by Emily Rodda"Fairy Realm (Series 2)" by Emily Rodda (hardcover) is going for the bargain price of just $1.95 at Booktopia. Meanwhile, other stores are charging between $15 and $18.46 for it including Fishpond, The Book Garden, Angus & Robertson and Booksdirect.



These are just a couple of deals to get you started if you live in NSW, which I chose to focus on in this post as that's where we're based.  However, Booktopia has specific sections for book titles applicable to the challenge happening in other Australian states too - see here.

Make sure you order before the Sunday the 23rd of February 2014 when the free shipping code expires.



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