Books and Clothing Are Where You'll Find Some Of The Best Deals This Week

In the run up to Valentines Day this Friday, it would appear as though books and clothing are some of the most popular products on people's shopping lists. I say this because that's what we're seeing the most deals being posted about, which is mainly as a result of the enticing discounts on offer right now from these types of retailers.

In particular though, this is where we advise you head to online to find the best deals.



Booktopia seem to be causing a bit of a stir at the moment which appears to be centred around all the great discounts happening in their 10th birthday sale. Even though there's no Booktopia promo code available to avoid their shipping charge of $6.50, it doesn't mean you'll struggle to find a bargain on their site right now. In fact, pretty much every category of books are offering up great value on a number of titles.

I've been sorting their sections by bestsellers to help identify popular books at decent prices. Here are a  a list of active Booktopia deals on Buckscoop to get you started with.   


Fate Floral Explosion Dress shipped for $36.73 at The Iconic using promo codeWe've had plenty of The Iconic deals come through recently too, particularly for women's clothing, most likely off the back of concurrent coupon codes being run for them at the moment. You can click here to see the full list of deals right now on Buckscoop, but these are a few specifics I thought I'd mention.

For the guys, you can get a Chandler tee by Academy Brand delivered for $31.93 when applying the 20% off sitewide code. The same shirt would cost you between $44 and $51 at other online stores.

Crumpler bag on discount at The IconicFor the ladies, there's the Fate Floral Explosion dress (pictured left) available for the shipping-included price of $36.73 using the 20% off code. One other store (TVSN) has it priced at $49 although sizes in stock are very limited. Everywhere else though, you're looking at paying over $70 with delivery for this garment.

Lastly, you can also use the code to pick up this Crumpler bag for $79.19 (delivered). Getting this bag directly from Crumpler itself would cost you $145 while Rushfaster has it listed at $165 - both including delivery charges.



Polo In Pique shirt with button down collar at ASOSASOS have released a promo code which gets you an extra 15% off sale items. It expires on Valentines Day so you'll need to make your purchases before then. An example of what you can get in their clearance sales using the code is shown in this this deal where a polo shirt as well as a pair of Bellfield chino shorts is available for $20.68 including their standard free shipping on all orders.

What you could also do is go back over the past week and look at the existing deals for ASOS and see which you can deduct an additional 15% off the top of. I assume this will apply to the majority of them - easy bargain hunting!


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