Bonds Half Price Sale Gets Interesting With Extra 30% Off Until the 15th January

When Bonds announced their 50% off sale on the 30th of December, we didn't see a whole bunch in the way of deals ending up on the Buckscoop Deals page. However, this latest announcement of an extra 30% off on sale items has got our attention.

Looks like there are some bargains to be had for both men and women, with discount levels being below what they usually are. As the extra 30% off is valid until the 15th of January, you've got some time left to shop online. Although I wouldn't expect stocks to last very long at these prices. Note, the 30% discount is automatically applied when you go to the checkout.

It's also worth pointing out that shipping is free, so there aren't any minimum spending thresholds to get over. This adds to the overall competitiveness of the promotion. Here's what we found to be of great value on the Bonds website.


Underwear For the Men:

According to this deal from Shazoo, the guys can get a pair of active fit mid trunks for $11.90 which are available in colours blue and red. Although if you don't mind the shorter leg fit then there are some hipster max trunks going for just $7 too. But for those of you who wear briefs, you'll be able to get away with paying as little as $4.90 a pair.

With the extra 30% off, these prices are generally below what you'll find at any of the other main distributors. Big W, for instance, have the Bonds active fit mid trunks priced at $20 while David Jones has them marked down to slightly less at $17.46. Both these prices exclude delivery fees.

If you compare to other brands, Mossimo have their hipster style trunks priced at $25, to which you still need to add shipping on top of for orders under $25. The only other store I've found that has a comparably competitive offer to Bonds' is ASOS, who have just released a 10% off promo code. However, when sorting their list of men's trunks by lowest to highest price and applying the code to the cheapest pairs on offer, the final delivered price comes to $10.27. I can't personally comment on the quality although I suspect it's not going be at the same level as Bonds' underwear.    



Underwear for the Women:

For the women, it looks like there's great value on offer too. In terms of bras, this post by vikk mentions the Microfibre Push It Bra which has been reduced from $34.95 to $15 (available in sizes XS through L). Add the discount of 30% on top and you'll only need to pay $10.50. That's a great deal for a push up bra from Bonds as their discounts are usually limited to a maximum of about half of what their standard retail prices are. Comparatively, Big W, David Jones and Target are all selling these bras for $15 and above.

In terms of lacies underwear, according to vikk these generally sell for between $13.95 and $14.95 depending on the style. In this sale, however, you can get a pair for less than half that at $6.30. There's a choice of various colours and prints in stock, although sizes appear to be limited with many only having larger sizes left. So don't expect there to be many available at these prices for much longer.

Target looks like they have the next best offers on these lacies at $15 before delivery charges.


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