Bonds 50% Off Sale Offers More Good Deals - If You Know Where To Look

After the generous display of bargains during Bonds' recent 40% off sale, they're now back with a new "up to 50% off" promotion. While the title may suggest that we should be seeing better bargains than before, in reality it's a bit of a mixed bag. Reasons being that this sale only applies to a limited to a selection of items in varying categories as well as the fact there are products included from before which are now more expensive.

Before I get into specific examples though of what is or is not good value this time round, the thing to remember with Bonds is that shipping is free on all orders, no matter how low the price. As such, one of the best ways to approach sales like these is stock up on wardrobe basics - of which there are plenty to choose from. Bonds' current promotion includes socks for $2-$3 a pair, tanks for $10, t-shirts for $15, and hoodies for $25.   


I'll start off by focusing on what is offering better value during this sale, one example being the microfibre guyfront trunks which two weeks ago were on sale for a very reasonable $15, now priced at only $12 a pair. The rest of the guys underwear they have on sale are going for between $9 and $17 if you fancy a different style.

Another good option in this promotion is the Bonds Original men's hoodie priced at $25 (available in 5 different colours). These sell for between $39.95 and $57.99 at David Jones, Myer, Zodee, SurfStitch and Undies Warehouse once shipping has been factored into the price.


On the flip side, an example of an item which is now more expensive than during the previous 40% off sale is this baby True Knit hoodie in pink for $20. Back then it was listed at $17.97 (see comments section of this deal), although despite costing a few dollars more it's still being sold for less than what's being charged elsewhere (i.e. prices vary between $30 to $39 at David Jones, Toys R Us and including delivery).


For the ladies, there remains a wide selection of briefs, boylegs, lacies and gees although in the previous sale these started at $5.97 whereas now it looks like you'll be paying at least $7. To be fair though, it seems like the majority of these underwear are priced at about $8, with nothing exceeding $10, so still very affordable. Especially when you consider that you'll struggle to find a pair of Bond's undies shipped for less than $12 at other stockists (e.g. Trixan Body, Harris Scarfe, Zodee, The Iconic, Studio Europe, DJs, and Myer).


It's a similar story with women's bras - if you're looking to match them up with some undies - where before they were on sale for between $14.97 and $22.17, while now the price range looks a bit more expensive at between $17 and $25. There are approximately 30 different bras still available in the sale with a decent selection of sizes for each left in stock, so it shouldn't be too difficult to find something suitable.

Bonds' up to 50% off sale doesn't have an official end date but will continue running while stocks last apparently. The discount does not apply to any items already under promotion, at reduced prices or on multibuys.

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