Be One Of The Lucky 30 in Digital Camera Warehouse's "Sony A5000 Kit For $1" Deal in Sydney This Saturday

If you haven't already heard, there's a killer deal happening over at Digital Camera Warehouse (DCW) in Sydney tomorrow, Saturday 9th August 2014. Basically they're allowing the first 30 customers who walk into their store between 9am and 5pm with any old DSLR body to exchange it for a new Sony A5000 DSLR camera at a cost of only $1. Yes that's correct, just $1.

You can probably bank on the fact that plenty of photographic enthusiasts out there will be clambering to take up this once-of-a-kind offer over the weekend. The screenshot below of a Facebook post that DCW put up yesterday certainly seems to back this assumption:


Despite this offer happening in their Brisbane and Melbourne stores too, I thought I'd post a quick guide for those Buckscoopers a bit closer to home in Sydney around exactly how to prepare for it to help maximise your chances locally of being one of the lucky first 30 customers.   


1. Important Terms And Conditions

First things first though. There are a few pertinent points around the terms for this offer that you should be aware of:

-  Any brand will be accepted for the old DSLR body that you wish to exchange.
-  This offer cannot be used in conjunction with Sony Australia's current cashback promo.
-  This offer is not available to Digital Camera Warehouse staff, family and friends and Sony Australia staff, family and friends (in case you were thinking of asking someone who falls into one of those categories to redeem the offer on your behalf).

Now let's move on to the important aspects which you'll need to be aware in terms of to ensure that you get a frontline position in the queue as well as what will be required for an overnight camp outside.


Sydney weather forecast - Saturday 9th Aug 2014

2. Weather Check

If you're planning on camping overnight then the first thing to check out is what the weather will be like, as that'll dictate what gear you need to have with you. Right now, it looks like it'll be cool but dry with overnight temperatures dropping to 9 degrees. So you'll need some warm clothing but no raincoats or umbrellas are required luckily.


3. Location Low-down

Digital Camera Warehouse's Sydney store can be found on 174 Canterbury Rd, Canterbury 2193. There's a bus stop literally outside that is serviced by the number 428 Canterbury, 444 Campsie/Canterbury, and 445 Campsie busses.

If you intend to get there by train, Canterbury Station (T3 Bankstown Line) is only a few hundred meters away too. Click here to see the train timetable to figure out which times would suit you best on getting there.

If you need something to eat/drink during your stay, choices appear to be limited so best to pack your own snacks beforehand. However, if you need other supplies these look to be your closest options:

-  Baalbek Bakery Canterbury less than 50m further up the road (open 7am - 2pm weekends, and 7am - 5pm weekdays)
-  Jang Tur traditional Korean restaurant down towards Canterbury Station (no. 169, open 5am - 10pm Monday to Sunday)
-  Erics Asian BBQ (208 Canterbury Rd, open Monday to Saturday from 12pm - 2:30pm, 6pm - 8:30pm)

Depending on how eager you are, you could even give the good folks at Baalbek Bakery a call this afternoon/evening to see if they can stick their heads outside and tell you whether there's a queue building up or not. There's also the ACG Air Conditioning guys just a few stores down that are even closer (tel. 8021 3735). Calling ahead like this would help with the decision about whether or not you actually need to be outside the store before midnight tonight or not.

Digital Camera Warehouse Sydney (Google Maps view)   Digital Camera Warehouse Sydney (Google Street View)

(Google Maps view)                                        (Google Street view)


4. Camping Out Gear

For the best chance of making into the first 30, you're better off getting there on Friday evening rather than very early on Saturday morning. This means you'll probably need some additional gear, the recommendations for which I've grouped from least to most expensive/comfortable as follows.

Camper chairs are good for doubling both as a place to rest your weary legs or for catching a few winks. They'll also stop you from chilling too quickly by avoiding having to sit on the floor. Cheap chairs go for around $15 online at stores like Ray's Outdoors and (with an extra $9 - $10 for shipping). Otherwise, if you're near a Bunnings they've got some for just $7.98 at the moment.

Sleeping bags are another common sight whenever there's a line of people camped outside a store ahead of any big sales. If you don't already have your own, then ones on the lower-end of the price scale will usually cost you around $30 to $50 at most outdoors retailers. One particularly reasonable offer that I spotted was at Anaconda on this Mc Kinlay hooded XL sleeping bag for only $25. Says it's good for temps above 6 degrees so considering the forecast mentioned above, you should be fine (with perhaps an extra layer of clothing on underneath). You'll probably want to consider getting a camping mat as well, which start at about $12 for an 8mm and $20 for the 12mm ones at Anaconda.

If you prefer to sleep with a roof over your head, basic dome tents are generally available for between $40 and $50 online. Although here's a good deal on a 4 man tent at Deals Direct for $29.95, which if you're not planning on waiting outside DCW's store alone, could be a great way to get it even cheaper by splitting the cost with someone else.

Just as an aside to keeping warm, an excellent deal on both men's and women's Peyto jackets at Kathmandu popped up this week on Buckscoop. They're currently on clearance for $49.99 both online and in-store, down from a previous sale price of $149.99. This is a great quality piece of winter clothing that'll last you long after you're walked away with your $1 Sony A5000 Alpha camera.


5. Final Recommendation

If when showing up to the store you find a queue in place with 30 odd people already standing there, don't despair. I'm pretty sure that there will be those who haven't quite figured out the clear distinction between a DSLR and mirrorless camera, the latter not being acceptable for this offer (like the Pentax Q for example). This gives you an opportunity to move in after they've walked out empty handed.

Final tip: if anyone asks you about this promo, just tell them that you'd heard from somewhere it had been cancelled and leave it at that.  ;-)


Good luck and please leave a comment if you were one of the lucky ones to score an A5000 for $1!

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