Avoid Last Minute Panic Spending With These Father's Day Gift Ideas

With Father's Day being a little over a month away, it's not a bad idea to start thinking about what to get dear old dad before the inevitable last minute buying spree creeps up on us - generally resulting in panicked overspending. In an effort to avoid all of this, here's a quick run through of a variety of deals on Buckscoop to suit a number of different types of dads.


For The Wine Loving Dad 

If your dad's a red wine drinker, you can't go wrong with this bargain offer from First Choice Liquor on their Premium Regions Cabernet bundle. The case of six includes three bottles Sisters Run Barossa Cabernet Sauvignon and another three bottles of Bleasdale Grapepickers Cabernet for a total cost of $59 (add $6.95 for delivery).

By comparison, both of these winery's wines are priced at around $20 a bottle over at Vintage Cellars and Liquorland - not to mention First Choice themselves if you were to buy these wines outside of the bundle. Just so that you're aware, should you decide to go for two bundles then they'll also throw in free shipping.


For The Outdoors Dad

Peyto men's jacket for $49 at KathmanduKathmandu have been running an up to 70% off sale for the past week or so which has received a lot of attention online. This is primarily due to the fact that the current levels of discounts mean you'll be paying well below the usual hefty list prices of their merchandise both online and in-store.

One particularly good offer right now is on this Peyto men's jacket which has been discounted from a dizzying $349 down to just $49. At this price however, you'll probably have to act very quickly since getting a Kathmandu jacket for this cheap doesn't happen too often. If you wanted to get something else small to add to it, they also have a number of items on sale at under $10 including longs sleeve tops, polypro clothing, hats and gloves.   


For the Techie Gadget Loving Dad

LG G Pad 8.3 Google Play edition at Expansys for $258.99 deliveredIf your dad isn't one to shy away from the latest tech, then this offer from Expansys on an 8.3 inch LG G Pad tablet is extremely good value right now. It's on sale for just $239.99 (plus an additional $19 for delivery Australia wide) which is a good deal cheaper than anywhere else online at the moment.

Around $310, including shipping, is what you'll be paying anywhere else including stores such as Harvey Norman, Bing Lee, JB HiFi, DWI, Kogan, eGlobal, and Mobicity. I recently purchased one of these myself to replace my Nexus 7, as I simply couldn't get used to the smaller screen size. I've found that the G Pad has exceeded all my expectations, which is impressive considering that the bar had been set pretty high on all other aspects besides the screen by the Nexus. Note, this offer from Expansys is only valid until the 10th August 2014.


For The Clean Shaven Dad

Philips RQ1195CC Senso Touch Shaver at TargetDespite being sold out online, meaning you'll need to check with your local store first, Target have the Philips RQ1195CC Senso Touch shaver on sale in-store at roughly $70 - $90 cheaper than other retailers like Harvey Norman, Powerland, The Good Guys, etc.

It'll cost you just $129 versus the usual price tag of somewhere over the $200 mark. This shaver features Philips' Senso Touch technology with dual precision shaving heads, a Gyro Flex 2D contour following system, super lift action and skin glide and also has some very good reviews online as well.


For The Smoker Dad

If your old man has been a smoker for many years and is either trying or considering giving it up, then this e-cigarette deal might just be the ideal Father's Day gift for him. Smoko, a UK based e-cigarette retailer, has reduced the price on their basic starter packs from $45 down to just $18.07. This is the only store that I'm aware of in this sector who is selling their start pack for under $50.

The pack contains an e-cigarette, a charger, two original refills and a metal case. You could also pick up one of their flavoured nicotine-free cartridge refills for another $21.67 (or $25.28 for the ones with nicotine) which actually works out cheaper than buying any of their "stater pack bundle" options. The price difference on these, once delivery fees are included, works out at $45.59 for the basic starter pack + flavoured cartridge refills versus $51.01 for a starter pack bundle (which essentially includes the exact same thing).


For The Easy-Going Dad

Bonds Guy Front Trunks for $10 including shippingIf your dad is someone who's pretty easy-going when it comes to the kinds of gifts that he receives, or if you're at a loss and none of the ideas above seem suitable, you could always go with the one thing a guy can never have too many of - underwear.  Bonds are running their up to 50% off sale again where you can purchase their men's underwear for what is currently the lowest shipping-included price that we've ever seen on them!

For example, the guy front trunks are priced at just $10 a pair which is dirt cheap when you consider their quality and the fact that they're being delivered straight to your front door for that amount. The Skinny Track pants are also going for a bargain price of just $25, where at the time the deal was posted on Buckscoop was the only place you could buy these online for under $40.


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