ASOS Australia Spoils Customers with 20% Off Promo Code

Yesterday saw the release of a 20% off promo code from dominant online clothing merchant, ASOS, which has certainly been well received by customers. It's not every day that ASOS issue more than a 10% off discount in the form of a promo code, so this one is worth taking advantage of - especially since they've said it will only be valid until Thursday night (8pm, 7th November).

We've already seen a few deals going up on Buckscoop which I wanted to list here along with one or two other bargains that have been discovered on the ASOS website offering great value.


We start off with one for the ladies where you can pickup a Warehouse Hard Belted Clutch Bag at the shipping-included price of $38.45 after applying the code. According to the deal poster, "vikk", it's a decent offer considering it doesn't look like the clutch can be purchased anywhere else for less than $50 - before even adding on delivery charges.

Carerra Champion Aviator sunglasses


I also included a comment on this deal for a good price on a pair of Carerra Champion Aviator sunglasses (in matte black) which I came across that are going for $140.48. To put things in context, the exact same pair of sunnies will set you back $195 at SurfStitch.  

Calvin Klein 3 Pack Trunks Cotton StretchLooking through the mens clothing, I see they have a Calvin Klein Cotton Stretch trunks 3 pack for $51.76 including delivery. Certainly not the cheapest, but they're good quality and I find they last way longer than some of the $15 3-packs I've bought in the past. Compared with other online stores where I was able to find these for sale, like and Studio Europe, you'd need to pay between $89 - $100 for the same 3 pack. The Mens Shop are also selling these Calvin Klein mens trunks individually at $59 a piece.


ASOS Skater Dress in Lace With 3/4 Length SleevesAnother ASOS deal that was posted up on Buckscoop on Monday is also worth a mention, even though it doesn't apply to the 20% off promo code since it relates to sale items (which the code is not valid for). This deal is a separate promotion of ASOS's offering a 50% off discount on 50 items. The deal basically shows you how to pick out several half priced items with free shipping to boot. It includes dresses, skirts, jumpers, shirts as well as accessories all of which are going for less than $30.

Images of these various clothing items are listed in the comments section below the main deal giving a great overview of what kinds of bargains can be found under this section.

So now it's your turn to go and get stuck in there to see what bargains you can uncover. Don't forget to comment here or post something up on the deals board if you find anything worth shouting about.

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