Artiwood Playtrays Discounted @ Not Another Baby Shop

Not Another Baby Shop has a sale on some of their playtrays, reducing them from $49 to $40. There's a Space Playtray and a Cowboy and Indian Playtray both of which would be perfect for a toddlers sensory toy boxes - I'm thinking mix them in a bowl with pasta or other sensory box fillers, and if my girls are anything to judge by, you'll have an hour to yourself every time!

Artiwood are natural wooden toys, and the play trays are packed with 20-25 beautifully detailed animals or creatures.

They are colourful, hand-painted and fashioned from non-toxic quality rubber wood.

Something really useful is that the bottom of the neat tray features all the character outlines and names for easy and educational pack-up and play.

There's an Australia-wide shipping rate of $7.50, but all orders over $120 are free of charge.

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