A Few Good Reasons To Shop Online At Bras N Things Over The In-Store Experience

I’m sure most of you have been to one of the Bras N Things stores to search through their immense selection of bras, knickers, lingerie sets, sleepwear, swimwear and larger size garments which they stock. Your experience may vary widely depending on the staff you were “assigned to”, but don’t forget there’s always an online option.

Unless you’re after Bras N Things in-store bra fitting service, then shopping for lingerie online actually has plenty of benefits. Besides the obvious reasons of having as much time as you need to browse through things, not being pressured to buy something and not feeling “ashamed” of your body, you can also access discounts that you otherwise wouldn’t have been able to get in store.   


I have previously come across several Bras N Things promo codes which get you a free bonus gift when you apply the code at checkout. These are mainly valued at some 30 odd dollars and are tied to a minimum spend threshold. Generally though, promo codes offer fixed amount discounts (like $25 off) or a percentage off a product price based on a certain minimum order size. Free shipping codes seem to be the most common of the lot, saving you $9.50 in standard delivery fees.


3 briefs for $10 at Bras N Things (+delivery)Regular priced items at Bras N Things are in line with most other lingerie retailers where bras sell for between $39.95 and $69.99, while briefs tend to be priced at around $15 to $20 each. On sale you can usually find some pretty good deals though and they often run promotions like get 3 for the price of two or multi-buys for a set price, i.e. 3 briefs for $10.


Bras N Things is also the only place I know of where you can get Playboy branded lingerie and swimwear. Most Playboy bras are priced at $64.99 with matching briefs costing around $25. Items from the swimwear section are presented by Olivia Donaldson who is modelling all new collection swimwear this season at Bras N Things. A Playboy bikini set would cost you around $90.


Bra fitting guide at Bras N ThingMost of us have tried on countless styles and by now have developed an understanding of what size and type of lingerie we usually wear (and not just buy). Check out Bras N Things bra fitting tips online which may help you to answer some questions regarding sizes and styles and possibly solve some of your bra-related problems. Even if you’re unsure about the fit of a certain style that you’ve found in the new collection, Bras N Things offer a free in store return option along with a money back guarantee. There are over 200 stores nationwide, so besides the hassle of popping down to one of the local ones, you aren’t taking any risks of ending up with something you’ve bought but are unable to use.



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