2 gig Telstra mobile internet data packs for $24.95 (1.2c a meg). Steaming bargain....

Am posting this as a blog because this is a screaming bargain for Telstra data recharges but you will have to be quick. Posted over in our forum - Officeworks have a Telstra Telstra Pre-Paid 3G USB + WiFi (MF 70) on sale for $24.50. The device comes with 2Gb of data. The deal write up is here and the page on Officeworks is here.

Looking at the Telstra mobile broadband top up charges your paying 3.91c a meg for a 1gig top up, 1.63c for a 3gig top up, 1.95c for a 4Gb top up, 1.63 for a 6 gig one and 1.46 for a 12 gig one.

When you do the sums on this offer from Officeworks your paying an effective 1.2c per meg - thats a bargain. To boot if you buy multiple of these units they only activate when you call telstra. That means you could stock up and use the sim cards progressively with the only restriction being that once activated you would need to use the 2gig within 30 days.

The only downside is that you will be changing SIM cards regularly but thats not a big hassle.

What do you think?

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