12 Days Of Christmas Deals - Gift Ideas and Bargains (Part 1)

I have to say this, just so that it's off my chest: the 12 days of Christmas start on Christmas day and run to the 5th of January. Obviously this little factoid bypassed half the merchants in the Western world because they're all offering 12 days of Christmas deals in the run up to Christmas. I'm pretty sure that's what advent calendars are for, folks. But anyway, the majority are always right, so the free market is positively groaning with 12 days of Christmas offerings, and here's part one of two for some of our favourite retailers:

No1. Surfstitch Christmas Gift Ideas

Surfstitch has Christmas wrapped up with gifts for kids, surfers, snowboarders and skaters. If you spend over $60 you can take 20% off with the promo code 20summer. This offer is only on until Thursday 5th, so don't put it off. There are also various freebies for your spend, so if you spend over $50 you can claim a free camera worth $19.95, a free Roxy clock or a five pack of socks. Spend over $100 and you can nab free ear buds, boxers, a cap and so on. Go for the big one, and spend over $500 and a free Elements Skateboard is yours.

I popped a couple of rash vests in my basket, and added the 20summer promo code, which removed $24 for me. I then added the promo code sscamera and it also added the free camera (although I could have gone for the $100 gift), so it's good to know you can stack the offers.   

 No2. Ezibuy Gift Finder

Ezibuy has a really useful gift finder available at the moment. Click a few buttons to narrow down the search criteria of who you're shopping for (men/women/foodie/gadget geek/home maker/and your budget) and their clever Santa's helper will spit out all the items in store that might be of interest to you. It saves you scrolling through everything, so that's something.

In addition to that helpful bit of software, Ezibuy are also offering a  special offer every day for 12 days. The first day there was at least 50% off gifts for her, the second day at least 50% off gifts for him, yesterday there was up to 60% off Christmas essentials, and at the time of writing there's up to 60% off fashion. I'm all itchy to know what tomorrow will bring!

No3. Hallenstein Brothers

Hallensteins are full of surprises too, with some fab offers at the moment. I can't tell you what's coming up - that's the point of an advent calender, after all, but the last two days their offers have been 1/2 price boardies and trunks, and t-shirts and singlets for $10. Fab prices, for sure. Pop over to Hallenstein Brothers to see what they have on offer today.

No4. Ties n Cuffs 

Now don't get all excited. They're talking about neck ties and cufflinks. But still, those are useful and sometimes quite beautiful too. There's a whole list of promo codes on the link above, with a different code for each day of the week. Wednesday there's 30% off personalised underwear, Thursday 30% off pocket squares, and Friday there's free shipping and gift wrapping on everything.

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