10 Hacks to Save $10 per Day and Keep an Extra $280 in Your Wallet

Saving vs spending is a constant battle for a lot of people. The media and businesses from all walks of life encourage us to spend our money on their products and services, whilst our intuition tells us to save for the rainy days ahead. During the summer months our spending urges may outweigh our saving ones, but now as we edge deeper into the winter months its time you took control during our shorter days. What better way to utilise your unused BBQ hours than by creating a healthier looking bank balance with these valuable tips.

Spending habits die-hard, which is why we can slowly adjust them with more beneficial ones through the regular tweaking of our daily spending rituals. Don't forget than average saving of even $10 per day equates to roughly a spare $280 to $310 per month or near on $3,600 per year. Incorporating some of the following tips into your daily routine should help give you more financial freedom (or at least during times where having a spare pot of cash is a godsend).


Own Brew Vs Vending Machines

Scrap the morning coffee at Starbucks or other retailers and invest into a thermal canister to take to work with you. This solution not only saves $4-6 per day on just one coffee, but also greatly reduces your calorie intake. Plus, need a biscuit to accompany the coffee, well head down to your supermarket and buy a pack in bulk to prevent the trip to the vending machine.


Eco-Friendly Commute

If you live in a city centre or close enough to work that you can take another form of transport besides driving and public alternatives, why not join a weight loss NY resolution with a cycle to work routine. Save money by using your own energy to get you there and lose weight at the same time. However, if this is too extravagant, find a friend of co-worker to share a lift with.


Music Listener

If you like listening to music whilst you work and prefer not to listen to the radio, avoid buying individual songs and sign up to websites such as Spotify or YouTube. Creating an account with these sites will give you an abundance of free music that you can store in playlists. Buying 20 songs on iTunes still doesn’t give you the same value for money compared to spending that same amount of money on one months subscription to Spotify.



Wise Water

Unless you’re out drinking alcohol with friends, always choose water to drink, as most places will usually provide it for free. However, if you travel a lot, always try to carry a bottle of water with you to prevent buying drinks from expensive vending machines.


Dry Cleaning

Nice clothing always needs to be cleaned properly, but avoid expensive dry-cleaners and learn what fabrics can be hand-washed to save a bucket load each year. The time spent travelling to and from the dry-cleaners may actually work out more than simply chucking the clothes into a bucket.


When to go Organic and when Not to

Organic food comes with its benefits however, knowing when to buy regular foods can save a nice amount of money. For example, melons, bananas and oranges usually don’t need to be organic because they have a peel, which protects them from insecticides and pesticides. So buying their organic counterparts won’t necessarily be making any difference besides to your pocket.

 Organic Food When Its good


Lunch Box’s

Packing your own lunch saves money, improves your health and helps you monitor your calorie intake. Cut the cost of your daily lunch and simply make slightly more the night before to take to work with you.


Leftover Storage

Try to get into the habit of storing your leftovers or asking staff at restaurants for the un-eaten food to be boxed to take home. Utilising this food can replace a work bought lunch or potentially provide a next day snack. Store the foodstuffs in Tupperware containers to preserve it for longer and turn one meal into two. This concept saves money on two aspects, reducing the amount of food wasted plus replacing the cost of buying/making a new meal.


Water to Wine whilst you Dine

Alcoholic drinks are big business, of course at the expense of your pocket. When eating out refrain from buying multiple alcoholic drinks because they are a costly treat. Other options to dodge a big bill could be finding local happy hours at bars in your vicinity, checking deal sites for half price bottles or look at BYOB options and choose a bargain one of our wine deals.



Matinee Movie and Theatre Dates

Movie and theatre lovers can still enjoy the entertainment but for less, simply by purchasing afternoon show times. Check local theatre and cinema tickets for mid-week or daytime prices to save that little extra compared to attending the same evening show.


The tips above should hopefully give you a few pointers in the right direction to help you keep more money in your pocket, rather than continuing to make over-priced purchases which can be avoided or replaced. If you have any tips of your own you would like to share, please feel free in the comment section below.

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