Welcome to Fusion Loyalty Card - diana ferrari, Jag, Colorado, Mathers and Williams

26 September 2008

We would like to give you the opportunity to be among the first to sign-up for an expanded shopping experience.

To give you more choice and more value, Mathers has joined forces with four other leading Australian retailers to create Fusion. As a result, you can now receive great value at diana ferrari, Jag, Colorado, Mathers and Williams, which means your wardrobe choices have never looked better.

To reward you for your ongoing loyalty, you can receive special offers and rewards only available to Fusion cardholders, plus you can be among the first to hear about great new-season styles.

If you want to continue receiving great value from Mathers, you will need to join Fusion, which will replace the Mathers loyalty program. Of course, with the increased choice Fusion offers, joining really is the easiest choice of all.

As a new Fusion member, we would like to reward you for your ongoing loyalty by offering you 10%* off the price of any product at any store for the first 30 days of your membership.

All you need is your membership card, which will be mailed to you in the next week. That gives you 30 days from the date your card is issued to enjoy the 10%* discount at our stores.

*10% discount applies during 30 days following date of card issue to all purchases made by Cardholder at any participating Fusion card store diana ferrari, Williams, Colorado, Jag and Mathers, in Australia (excludes gift cards and lay-bys). To view the program terms and conditions please visit www.fusioncard.com.au


  • nod
    Thanks Holdenmg. Does the card cost anything? Might go take a peek :)
  • nod
    Well it appears to be free but they are very careful to not mention anything about money on the site :D And I wonder if after the 30 days you need to pay??? But then again is the value in the data collection???? :whistling: Would love some feedback if anyone knows any more :)
  • nod
    If you did take the plunge and grab a fusion card then they are offering 35% off all the stores at the moment

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